Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Miss SYDNEY aka "DIVA"....

So yesterday I did a mini photo shoot with Sydney who is the 6yr old niece of my partner Ebony...this was another assignment for my photography class. The assignment was to take photos of things that bring us happiness. So my initial idea was to get a child, wearing adult clothes, with shopping bags. I love children, shopping and dressing up in clothes and accessories. But Miss Sydney turned that little assignment into a full fledged photo shoot! She took direction so well and was serious while having fun! She knew how to continuously pose while the camera while just snapping away. Kids are so innocent and always (I'm sure the parents out there will beg to differ lol) bring happiness and just love to have fun!

As all my friends know I'm always being shy and nervous about just about everything! So Sydney says to me "I'm NEVER shy...NEVER and if I do get nervous I know people are going to say GO SYD GOOO" yup, a 6 yr old "checked me boo" lol But she was right, as long as you listen to the positive people in your corner you can do anything. We all mess up but that's what makes the journeys and lessons worth while :-)

I ended up with 188 photos!!! So trying to find my favorites to post was almost impossible! This little girl has so much personality and spunk it's insane and I also got in a picture of her little brother who was saying "CHEESE CHEESE" throughout the whole night lol After we were all done at 10 pm, Syd says "so are ya'll ready for the fashion show now"??? As all the adults looked at each other half sleep. So keep your eyes open for her...she's ready! Go Syd Gooo!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Faced Fear!!

I finally faced one of my fears as far as photography goes! I have a terrible fear of approaching people on the street asking them if I can take their pictures. I know when people approach me, it kind of creeps me out. So for an assignment for my photography class we had to get "City Life" images. I saw this lady eating on the bench with her bike, helmet and basket. I thought that was a good depiction of city life....a woman on the moving squeezing in a bite to eat. Of course by the time I got the picture she was done eating. I was on the phone with my good friend Terrelle and she told me "you better go over there and ask her...what's the worst that could happen"!!! I'm going back and forth with her like but what if she curses me out, what if she says see where this is going?? My minds way of procrastinating and trying to get out of doing what needs to be done.

I finally got up the guts to ask her....I just told her my assignment for class was to get some "City Life" photos and I thought she would be a good photograph. I also let her know these would just be for class purposes only. She was very nice about and said YESS! *as the sweat beads rolled down my back*....I just told her she didn't need to do anything in particular, just continue her phone conversation. So the lesson from this is...the mind is very powerful, people are not as mean as we think they are. And if someone says no, that's all they can say and you just accept it, say thank you and move on! After I did that, every other photo I had to get was a breeze.

Monday, October 18, 2010


It's been a while since i've updated my blog! I kind of lost focused and took time to regroup...began photography classes, photos will be updated soon! So as you know I love the Smith's and Willow's new video "Whip My Hair" is amazing from and artist standpoint as well as the energy and the words in the song to give girls encouragement...both young and old. A lot of people talk bad about the "9 yr old" but I think it's cool that she is allowed to express herself and is not kept in the box society keeps everyone in. GO WILLOW!!