Friday, August 30, 2013

August 28th: 50th Anniversary of MLK March On Washington

I'm sooo glad I was able to be apart of history and be apart of it with my family!  My boo was at work so he missed out but he was definitely there in spirit lol  The festivities were really nice and inspiring despite the little bit of rain we endured throughout the day.  I was so glad I was able to hear the 3 presidents speak as well as Dr King's son and sister.  Everyone was really nice, we even met some new folks from New Jersey and we felt like we had known them for years.  It was just amazing to me how 50 years later Dr King's dream was realized in some aspects especially that a black president was speaking on the milestone anniversary of his Dream speech.  Like many menitoned that day, we clearly have a ways to go but we have seen progress and we just have to stay on top of the younger generation to not digress.  Things are slowloy looking like they are going backwards from the lack of enthusiasm, discipline and drive that some of the youth display, the Trayvon Martin Case definitely showed that we are still fighting for equal rights and they have just gotten a little more savy with the way they discriminate.  But if we band together and show them we are serious we can make progress and realize Dr King's FULL dream!  My father was out there looking SHARP representing for the men in his suit.  I saw a picture on FB where it had Dr King and all the other leaders of his time marching 50 years ago in their suits and the caption was "when they took us seriously" then the picture below was the youth of today with their pants hanging down showing boxers and ass with the caption reading "why they don't take us seriously now" my Dad being in his suit was definitely making a statement.  I had a great time and there were all different races, religions, age groups united for the same cause! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This Year...wheeew!

As I turned 30 this year I can definitely say all my 30 years of lessons, speeches from my parents, situations I've watched on the outside etc. were put to use all throughout this year!  I guess I have been making conscious decisions to do things different regardless if people agree or not and have been actually taking action for a change that I am seeing all these different scenarios arise.  It's definitely scary since I've been one to stick to the norm, the safe and not do or say things for peace sake but in the end I was the one suffering.  So now that I have been looking at conflict as a positive and as a way to move forward I realize not everyone can handle genuine honesty.  I think our culture has changed to just keeping things looking good on the outside no matter how damaged they are on the inside.  I know I had been living like that for a while, nobody wants people to be upset with them or to make people feel uncomfortable but at some point things have to be done or we will be stuck being bitter and complaining to everyone else BUT the person who needs to know.

I also realized a lot of people don't self examine themselves so when things are brought to their attention it's devastating or they feel it's you just because you have been the ONLY one to care enough to mention what you see.  I feel one should be able to express how they feel as long as their motives are good and it is done in a respectful manner.  A lot of people can give criticism but when it's time to take it you see a whole different person come out.  But that is definitely not stopping me.  I found myself becoming a little bitter some years back because I would hold soooooo much in just to be sure I didn't ruffle any feathers but at the end of the day I was being affected then my thoughts because my outward actions. 

This post is really random but let's just try to keep it real with each REALLY real, a lot of people claim they are real until it comes down to being real with themselves. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

EBONY: Trayvon Martin

Be sure to pick up a copy of the new Ebony mag!  There are 4 different covers and they are all realllly nice.  I never posted anything in reference to the verdict for the Trayvon Martin case because I was beyond pissed, disturbed, disappointed and many other emotions.  The blatant racism was just ridiculous and it sent a very powerful message as to what our society is about.  We still have a long way to go and it begins WITH US!  If we don't treat ourselves with respect, what message are we sending to every other race???  But it's all a set up because the laws were never meant to protect us and media is made to give us false images and to those who have no guidance, it's slowly killing our race away.  I just hope this situation doesn't gradually be forgotten about because there are laws that really need to be adjusted and updated!  I just feel so bad for Trayvon's parents and they are being very strong and handling this situation with so much grace and class.  I know they are doing their work behind the scenes to get justice or to be sure this NEVER happens again.  Like Oprah said, this is the modern day Emmitt Teal case.  We need to really wake up and pay attention to what is going on.  Stop focusing on shoes, clothes, swag, poppin bottles and "looking good" because none of that stuff gets us anywhere in the long run.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

MATER MEA: Celebrates Motherhood

Just wanted to share one of my newest favorite sites Mater Mea !!!  I first saw this site on twitter through a RT and since then I have been in love!  I look forward to the bi weekly posts they put up and when I forward the links to my friends I start out with "NEW MOM ALERT" lol  Oh wait....what is Mater Mea about??  Sorry lol  This site highlights awesome moms, normally in the NY area who are being amazing moms who have had or are having great careers and overcoming many obstacles along the way.  Some of the moms may have been a career woman than chose to be stay at home moms after their children came along.  The moms, the kids, the wording, the photography just everything is great!  Since I'm a fairly new mom (my baby is 18 months TODAY, check out Cayden's Corner on my blog) #shamelessplug back to the topic, I love anything dealing with being a better mom, inspiration from other moms, children, creativity for children and allowing them to be themselves.  I feel in order for that to happen they have to SEE you at your very best and see you work hard.  We can tell them what to do until we are blue in the face but if we don't take action where they can emulate it, the message does not resonate the same.  No mom is perfect and we all have our bad days but that is also apart of the lessons we can teach them.  We will never get everything right but as long as we pick up and keep moving forward things will work out.

There are so many inspiring stories from young moms to middle aged moms so there is something for everyone!  I'm always tweeting them especially on Mondays lol!  When I initially found the site I read through all the posts that I had missed in one day.  Be sure to check out this great site!  Hopefully one day I can write for them or even be featured because I am surely one heck of a mom and I am in a transitional phase in my personal life so who knows where I'm on my way to.

Thanks again Mater Mea for changing the game up with POSITIVE MEDIA!!

Kelly her!

Found this old interview of Kelly Cutrone talking about her book "If You Have to Cry, Go Outside" and she makes some really good points!  I first saw her on The Hills and she was no nonsense and very cut throat!  But like she says in her interview you have to be stern, strong and not a cry baby when you are trying to be successful.

I loved her description of how Disney kind of molds the mindset of girls to become a princess, marry and have babies.  And that once you do that sometimes you still aren't happy and have no clue who you are.  Grant it, this process works for a lot of people and others obtain it and think they will see fireworks and live happily ever after but they really look up like "what's next"....Her point about not having to do things in order can still have benefits is so true!  We should teach our young girls how to be strong and live for YOURSELF, not for your parents, not strictly for the money but do what you actually LIKE to do.  You will never have an 100% approval rating so why even try to get that because no one knows YOU better than who else...YOU!

She can be kind of cut throat but I agree with some of her points and like what she is trying to do as far as talking to young girls and bring awareness to various causes all over the country.  I purchased her book "Normal Gets you Nowhere" a couple weeks ago and I'm sure I will enjoy.  I have to finish my current read "And the Mountains Echoed", which is great, then I can listen to Kelly curse me out and tell me how much of a whimp I am lol