Monday, January 31, 2011

Wish List....

Just browsing the net and thought I'd post a pic of an item I have to get for the summer! The Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses...I'd been debating on getting them all last year but I kept putting it off because I could never decide which color I wanted. These are my favorite...for now! Sported in the pic by Ashley Simpson....

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ozone Magazine...

I'm so excited!! I have moved closer to one of my goals on my vision of my articles was used on Ozone Magazine's website! Please read and feel free to leave a comment. I really didn't think my proposal would get accepted. Yes, I'm still working on believing and stepping out on faith. I did my research on the best ways to contact magazines, how to write queries and read through various magazines to see which would be best for my subject at hand. I have a ultimate goal to get in a particular magazine but I want to practice with smaller magazines before I go for the big dogs. I WILL get in my ultimate goal magazine real soon :-))

My topic was derived from one of my posts I put up a few weeks ago about music videos and how we need to do better. We being, the supporters, artists, execs and directors. I initially wanted to get in the actual magazine but the editor told me this subject would be good for their website. More than likely because specific videos could be attached to a post online. I just kept reading it and was really proud of myself. Writing an article is not as easy as I have to really do your research on the subject matter because if you give false info it could be detrimental and people will chop your work to pieces! Thanks to my homie Lilzz who is an awesome writer, reading over it and giving me a few changes to make the article even better. I love my friends, we all have so much to offer one another.

With ALLLLL that being said, never underestimate your power, goals and dreams! You just never know...I know you all are probably thinking, it's just an article on a website but being as though I never tried a lot of things just automatically assuming my idea would be rejected this really inspired me to keep working hard! I hope you enjoy the article, I know I enjoyed writing it!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's Affirmation...

I have favor over my life! I will get everything back that I have lost...TENFOLD. I am a much better ME than I was a year ago. My problems are a tunnel to creativity with color, light and LIFE at the end. My family and friends will have good health and enemies/frenemies included. All those things I am claiming and will receive.

What are you affirming today???

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spending Diet...

Thanks to my new financial advisor I have been put on a strict spending diet!! My girl Lillian put me on with her cousin who is an excellent help in getting finances in order. I am great at saving money but I still have tendencies to spend the rest of my money very frivolously. Sitting for 2 hours yesterday going through all my bank statements, accounts ect. I was so ashamed and upset with myself. The main items on my statements were: Lauriol, Chipotle, McDonalds, Baskin Robbins, TJ Maxx....should I continue??

I got to really identify where my money was going so now I can focus in on what areas I need to cut back on my spending. A lot of those purchases are out of pure laziness or impatience. I am too impatient to wait to eat when I get home or too lazy to cook something when I am home. I will be cutting back on hanging out places that require me to spend money, I have been given an allowance amount to receive every time I get paid. I can do whatever I want as long as the spending stays within the alloted amount. I am forcing myself to make better day to day decisions and I'm sure I will see so much money left over from month to month. I have to learn to say NO....I can not participate in every event that takes place. Honestly, a lot of events that I should be involved in are free or low cost.

This will really be a huge change for me but they say prepare before you have no choice so while I have the choice I'm working to create good habits and someone else is now holding me accountable. My advisor threatened to not work with me anymore if she saw I did not stick to the plan...I don't want to disappoint myself or a genuine caring person who's attempting to help me out in the long run.

Wish me Luck!!!!

MUST READ: Bereolaesque....

I was up bright and early this morning reading my new 'Bereolaesque: The Comtemporary Gentleman & Etiquette Book for the Urban Sophisticate' and I am half way through it already. I first heard about this book via twitter, someone had retweeted a tip from @bereolaesque so I was scrolling through the timeline and came across the link to the book. I immediately went on Amazon and I don't think I saw one bad review. I'm an avid reader, at this point in my life I'm more into self help books but I love reading about anything and learning tons of new information. This book is in a way geared to helping boys transition into men while still exuding style, class while being true to THEMSELVES....

Even though I'm a female I still feel it was a good read to get a males point of view and it was also good to see that my views of male etiquette weren't just me being a picky female. There is basics that some "boys" don't have and it is unacceptable at a certain age. When social events, business meetings, group dinners ect. are the norm no one wants to take a guy out with them who will embarrass them with rude, sloppy damn near barbaric ways. I will be passing this book on to some males I know who could use a little more coaching in some areas to pull out their inner sophistication.

There were tons of quotes that I loved in the book but the one that stood out to me the most, so far is "Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot" ~ Clarence Thomas This is so true because no one wants to help or associate with rude individuals. But if you make yourself a pleasant person to be around others will go above and beyond to give you opportunities that you feel you aren't worthy of. We always think we have to have these amazing skills and talents but a lot of people get "hooked up" because of a small friendly gesture and humility. At times we feel we have to change who we are to fit in when that isn't necessary, you can still be YOU while displaying proper behavior and etiquette. I just look at Russell Simmons, he may have one of the most potty mouthes out there but he knows when and where to do it....he is being himself....he is generous and helps others and makes others feel comfortable around him. We all know how successful he is, so I said that to say you don't have to walk around uptight and fake but just know how to turn certain actions off and on at the right time.


We all have fallen victim to wanting to portray a certain image that may not always coincide with whom we really are. As stated in the book "We become so wrapped in our image that we fail to realize who we really are; we become completely lost. At this point we are more comfortable living as our image - alter ego - than accepting our own realities. " This is soooo true! I know I have found myself succumbing to the pressure of maintaining a certain image but it is very draining. I've also seen that most of the time when you be who YOU really are people actually take more to that because it is not fake. You also attract the type of individuals who are like you versus the people who like the fake you because in reality you all really have nothing in common. We have to look at ourselves in the mirror and find out "who am I"...."what do I like"...."how do I want to dress"....."what career do I want to pursue" and the list goes on. This comes from spending time by yourself. If you are always around people 24/7 it is easy to be persuaded to think there is ONE right or wrong image. You get caught up in other people's success thinking you have to take that same path. What works for one, may not be the best for the other. Then once you obtain things that others have that you wanted so much you realize...shit I still feel empty, now what do I do?? But to the people on the outside you look like you have it all together.

Once you focus on the inner you, your outer image will naturally line up with what's inside. You become satisfied and begin to love your differences. Why be a carbon copy, we all have so much to contribute so we have to find our own place in the world to fulfill ourselves and purpose in life!!

Didn't expect this post to be long but 'it is what it is'....Check out the Bereolaesque book which can be purchased on Amazon!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Sharn...HOT new track!

Check out my girl Baby Sharn's new track over some Georgia Anne Muldrow! Keep an eye out for this up and coming artist...coming straight out of DC. She is surely giving all these other female artists a run for their money, I think she's a step above! Check out more from Baby Sharn on <--- Click to download track...

Photos done by Tia Warhall...her work can be found on

Iyanla Vanzant...PURPOSE & GOALS

Here's another one of my youtube vids! Lengthy but very inspiring when working towards goals :-) The part that I know I do the most was at 4:48...cutting off good feelings! Thinking things are too good to be true, I am learning now to enjoy the moments. I worry myself with all the what ifs when sometimes there are none but I sabotage the good things until they line up to my fears that are in MY head. Excuses...bottom line!

All you are required to do is to give what you have, what you know at the moment. No matter how small it is..if it makes you happy and helps others, it will lead you to your next move. We sometimes are guided to jobs and careers we had no idea we were capable of just by being true to ourselves. Sometimes we think we have to have these great skills and qualities when we have ALL we need already! Nothing wrong with educating ourselves and learning more but always use what you DO know and have at the present time...don't wait for the perfect moment because it will never come.


H.A.M (Hard As A Muthf***a)...Ya'll know I'm a Jigga & Kanye fan and this first single off their collabo album "Watch the Throne" goesss innnn!!! This was the perfect title for this track and the beat is crazy! Enjoy!

Kanye West ft Jay-Z - H.A.M ( by DJTIGER

Monday, January 10, 2011


My new favorite series!! Shameless is a new television show that started up yesterday on Showtime, it comes on at 10pm Sunday nights. It follows a family who is headed by a Dad who is a druggie/alchy and the older sister (Fiona) playing the role of the mom. There are seven, if we include the dad (Frank) eight kids, who are a struggling unconventional family surviving in Chicago. What I like most about the show is how they show and emphasize team work while everyone does their part. They also find the joy and laughter in the small things. No one wants to have a drunk for a father, who gets brought home by the police at night but they still find ways to find humor in all the trials they endure. Family is really all we need! Just accepting people's flaws and trying our best to help each other become better!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


This is just sad...the worse part of it that I couldn't bare to hear was the kids screaming for their mom.

Me posting this video with this point of view is making me realize how much I've matured...kinda turning into an old lady hunh?? lol A few years ago I would've thought this was funny, been trying to see who got knocked out and forwarding to as many people I could reach! As I watched this video this morning on FB, I did not even want to share it on my page...this should not be condoned at all!

We as black people have to do way better than this! These women and MEN...oops I meant girls and boys are out there just beating up on each other, front of THEIR kids, and just looking sad. We all have been in fights before but there was a point when someone would at least break it up or take the kids in the house. We are making ourselves look ignorant and the person who posted the video on youtube must have been proud of their "production". This should have been entitled "when keeping it real goes bad"...the obsession with going hard is becoming the downfall of our race. We wonder why other races and cultures despise us and thing the worse. Some individuals don't interact with blacks, some by choice and others because of their environment so all they have to see is what WE post on websites and what the media shows on television.

We need to do a better job at representing ourselves and teaching the kids that things like this is not ok. What do you all think this fight stemmed from?? I'll wait.....I'm sure it was from a bunch of BS 'he say she say' or over a man that cares nothing about any of these females involved. We wonder why our kids are fighting each other in the schools, killing each other on the streets and just clearly going buck wild!
They see the adults acting this way...not one person cared that a child was watching their parent get beat down, then they saw a male putting their hands on a female. That's another issue plaguing our community, domestic violence in realtionships. It is troubling all races but that is just another negative added to our list of problems This also leads to disruptive behavior in school which leads to US being less educated than other races. I could go on for days at the domino effect caused by this one senseless dispute...

It is always fun until someone is killed or seriously injured. Then these same people are walking around with RIP t shirts, crying and slobbing on the news saying how this person was such a good person and wondering where things went wrong. We need to try our hardest to break this cycle of ignorance and violence.

I do feel everyone should have the right to stand up and defend themselves but physical altercations should be the last resort because they always have the chance of leading to more violence. What happened to just one on one fights?? If someone was getting punished then people would break it up. You had your times where people would break it up but BRAWLS are becoming the "in" thing to do now days. Grant it, things like this have been taking place for years and years and years but now they are getting worse and ending in more deaths.
No one is perfect and we all have the ability to lose our temper but at some point we have to sit back and think about other ways to handle conflict...

That's my lecture for the month lol...CARRY ON!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Videos...Dancing & LYRICS

I'm working on something I feel will be cool! Diving deep into old videos vs new videos and finding out where they went wrong?? Was it the switch from story telling to dancing?? Talking about something to talking about nothing and making up for it with sexy vixens?? The switch from early 90s LL Cool J to the early 90s Luther Campbell?? lol Don't get me wrong I love to dance to some Luke but did it take away from the goals and purpose for videos? I have plenty of ideas as to where a form of expression kinda backfired on us...

Just one example of the difference in how men expressed their love for a woman in LL Cool Js "Hey Lover" to how love is shown today with Gucci Mane's "I think I love her"...

Have men taken out the romance because a lot of females have adopted a male attitude towards love and men..."I'ma play this nigga before he plays me and I don't give a damn"??

Let me know what you think!

By the way...I always had dreams of being a video girl lol Maybe a back up dancer! they used to be one in the same but now there is a HUGE difference. Janet Jackson's video is what sparked my attention at becoming a back up dancer then TLC's creep got me thinking video girls were cool. They seemed like a group of girls just getting together who loved to dance and have fun! It also helped that they had the tom boy appearance and that was so I was able to relate :-)

I know we all remember watching "THE BOX" all day long memorizing the numbers of our favorite videos, getting excited when we would see those infamous three numbers pop up at the bottom of the screen. Then learning all the choreo to every video! I even began taping the videos and practicing the steps over and over again. In college my roommates and I found our old tapes with videos on them and would have dance sessions for hours and go to work! The crazy part about it was we actually remembered a lot of the moves....How many videos now days have actual choreography?? I'll wait.....

Monday, January 3, 2011

Master Class....

Oprah has started a series on her network entitled "Master Class" and her first feature was Jay Z!! This series is where various successful individuals give advice and life lessons coming from the ups and downs they have endured on their journey to success.

Jay-Z fait sa Master Class chez Oprah Winfrey Part. 1
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Jay-Z fait sa Master Class chez Oprah Winfrey Part. 2
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The part that stuck out in part two is when Oprah said failure can be a great teacher. Jay also said he doesn't know how to learn from success but he has learned from failure. When you really sit and think about it, what lessons really come from success?? I oftentimes get paralyzed by failures and that is something I'm working to overcome daily...

"The worst thing to be is successful as someone else" ~ Jay Z

Always be true to YOU!

Jay-Z fait sa Master Class chez Oprah Winfrey Part. 3
Uploaded by skeuds. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

Stay tuned to the OWN network and her Master Class series...a lot of her shows are there to build people up. We all know that is much needed since the airways have been saturated with degrading drama filled reality shows....don't get me wrong they can become addicting to watch but at least we have another option! Go OPRAH!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!


Just wishing every one a happy, productive and prosperous year!! I had an amazing New Year's Eve and New Year's Day...spent with family and loved ones. Family time always gets me going :-)

Checking out the OWN network...Oprah's new network! Can we say BAWSEEE?? I'm so happy to see a black WOMAN doing something as big as creating her OWN network! Shows me and tons of others that anything is possible but hard work and diligence is required. She has a lot of good shows that will be airing and I'm so excited since television has been taken over by reality tv shows...definitely overkill. Her shows have substance and seem to have a little something for everyone. Kudos to Oprah also because her first series of Master Class was Jay Z!!! You go boyyyy (in my Martin voice)

Do more than you did in 2010...what's stopping you???