Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Iyanla Vanzant...PURPOSE & GOALS

Here's another one of my youtube vids! Lengthy but very inspiring when working towards goals :-) The part that I know I do the most was at 4:48...cutting off good feelings! Thinking things are too good to be true, I am learning now to enjoy the moments. I worry myself with all the what ifs when sometimes there are none but I sabotage the good things until they line up to my fears that are in MY head. Excuses...bottom line!

All you are required to do is to give what you have, what you know at the moment. No matter how small it is..if it makes you happy and helps others, it will lead you to your next move. We sometimes are guided to jobs and careers we had no idea we were capable of just by being true to ourselves. Sometimes we think we have to have these great skills and qualities when we have ALL we need already! Nothing wrong with educating ourselves and learning more but always use what you DO know and have at the present time...don't wait for the perfect moment because it will never come.

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