Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Things We Don't See....

I took this beautiful photo as we were descending down to get back home from Atlanta.  I love clouds!  They let me know there is a God!  Not that I don't believe that but whenever I'm around natural things it is a clear sign that God is always around us. 

When we were flying through the clouds the sun was shining so bright, the sky was crystal clear and everything was perfect!  As we began to get closer to the ground, that's when we were able to tell there was a overcast in Baltimore and it was so weird because right above it there was the closest thing to perfect!  That was just inspiration to believe in the things the are not seen...FAITH!  Sometimes we can't see our clear sky or sunny day but BELIEVE that it is there.  What we see is not always our reality...

Don't let the bad days ruin the good ones...there will be a change for the better, it's only natural :-))

Crazy Laaady lol

Things you do when you are delirious and need to go to bed!  Had a little fun with my wonderful iphone and frametastic app!  I actually took all but the last photo back to back lol

Sometimes in life we can take things too seriously so free yourself from others opinions, make silly faces, eat lots of cupcakes and laugh as much as possible even if it's by yourself with yourself!  I know I do it all the time :-))

Let's Go!!

This is my new fave song and video!!  It reminds me of Chris Brown's Beautiful People!  I've seen the video a couple times but never really payed close attention to the words or the video itself.  But I just watched it and I started silent clapping lol at my desk when I saw my girl LaTonya who won Born To Dance!!!  She is from DC and she worked soooo hard during that competition, I am very happy for her.

This is a great motivational song and a push to get moving on whatever it is you are trying to do!  There is no time to waste, sometimes we have to drag ourselves out the bed but the goal is to GOOO!

"'s not about what you've done, it's about what you're doinnnnng" ~ Ne-Yo