Sunday, January 31, 2010

For the High End "Bargain" Shopper

This is for the people who love to shop til' they drop BUT on a budget:

reFINEstyle is a site for the bargain shopper who loves high end clothing!!! It's a place where you can either sell or buy high end clothing at very discounted prices.  Check it out! I know I'll be seeing what the hype is all about....


I'm feeling this song...I can't wait for the full version!  This reminds me of an ol' skool hip hop track where you don't dance too much just listen to the words, give a little head nod and be cool lol I've always heard of 9th Wonder when he was with Little Brother, but I'm about to really keep up with his work on his solo missions....

Good Quote...

Thought I would share this quote this morning, I came across it as I was cleaning out my email.

"Our lives improve only when we take chances - and the first and most
difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves."

Sometimes we never change because we aren't honest with ourselves, we don't want to accept that we are "messed up". Until you identify the issues and accept it then no change will take place. How will you change if you haven't focused on the one is perfect and everyone has flaws so there's no need to hide them. It may be easier when you admit to them because now you have other people to help you make that progression.

For now the flaws I'm working on is over analyzing people and situations as well as not trying to control every situation....Lord knows it's hard but it is what it is!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowy Weekend

I'm really liking this blogging The snow is not playing this saturday!!  I guess my night out with the girls won't be happening :-(  But I'm sure we'll have it up when we reschedule.  My question is, why doesn't it snow like this on Sundays at 11 pm so we can be out of work?!?! The last big snow fall we got was on yet another weekend..UGH!  I'm so ready for Spring because this surely was a cold winter.  I guess I'll be walking back and forth to the refrigerator and eating and sleeping all day, sounds very exciting to me!  Little Rascals is on which is the cutest movie ever, reminds me of how kids are so carefree and live life with no fears at all...I wish I had a child's mentality when dealing with fear and living life to the fullest. I'm working on it, facing all fears one at a time...on my way back to the fridge! 


Last night I made another donation to Wyclef Jean's Yele organization. As I was reading through the site, he was saying how support is still greatly needed. The Haitians are still sleeping in the streets and in man made tents, they are asking for tents, water and medical supplies. What struck me the hardest was when he said the people were still singing in the streets and smiling....Wow, after what they've been through they can still have joy?? It made me realize how sometimes I can be very unappreciative and ungrateful...these people never really had too much but were stripped down of the little they had and it hasn't stolen their joy. I can only speak for myself but I know sometimes I let a bad hair day or a traffic back up throw my entire day off. I told myself I was going to start counting my blessings when I began to let the small stuff mess me up because it definitely could be a lot worse! I donated the $5 through the text when the earthquake first happened but I feel as blessed as I am I could do better. I know a lot of times when issues aren't in the news and media they get swept under the rug but the folks in Haiti still need our support so try not to forget about them and do what you can :-)

By the way...this snow is coming down, looks like it will be a movie and Wii day!!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Welcome!! So I've been wrestling with this for a long time whether or not to start a blog....I do a lot of writing in my journal so I thought maybe I'd post a few things to give people a sneak peak into the crazy, random, funny and sometimes boring things that run through my mind daily. I have been nervous because that would be opening myself up, being vulnerable, which I have never been one to do. In order to fix character flaws we have to make ourselves may seem as if that is a weakness but it is really showing strength. Hopefully my thoughts will help some and some may be surprised but it's "The Real Eesh Beesh" :-) I got the title of my blog from one of my fave cuzns Eshaunti, who is 7 and she feels her name is Eesh Beesh lol which is a nickname my family gave me waaaaaay back when. So we always go back and forth about who the REAL Eesh Beesh is, I thought I'd throw her pic n here to give her some shine lol So I figured it was a good fit for the blog because this is the real MEE! I hope everyone will enjoy :-) If not, there is a small red button with an "X" in it....don't be afraid to use it! Jk...a little, as my girl Ill Lilzz would say....