Monday, October 31, 2011

Good Night Quote

Shhhhh....leave things for people to imagine.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Wale is back at it again!! Don't forget to pre-order or grab your copy of his new album on 11-1-11!

It's so true...a lot of new artists are not setting their own path. They go for what's catchy, not what's true to themselves that's why they have no longevity. People can hate on Wale because he's "not from DC" or too "cocky" but he's putting in work and I can definitely see him outlasting a lot of newly accepted rappers that are out. Any success takes failure first...just like my other post said "Most Kings get their heads cut off"


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Miss Representation....

Do you feel the media properly represents women now days?? Media being tv, radio, internet or any outlet that give a message to the people...

I'm always looking for a good documentary because I love to learn or get more information on all different types of subjects. I saw this trailer on a website and I thought it would be of interest to a lot of people. This documentary is to air on the OWN network sometime this month! I hope I haven't already missed it. Check it out and think about the shows we let our kids or relatives watch on tv and think about the message it sends. We underestimate the power of the media but we never know what the kids, teens or even adults believe and the sad part is controlled so there are those who pick and choose what will be disclosed to the people. It's important to educate ourselves instead of being lazy and just believing any and everything that is fed to us.

Newest Miss Representation Trailer (2011 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection) from Miss Representation on Vimeo.

What do you think?? This can also be a wake up call for those who have sons, we have to be careful the things we tell or teach them about women. It's ok to teach them to watch out for the gold diggers, hoes and trappers but ALL women aren't that way and the ones who are...we have to wonder what got them to that point to think being all the above, ok?


In my Magazine Writing course, we are now learning about conducting good interviews! I've always wondered how to conduct a fun but informative interview. First, I'm always a nervous wreck then having to pry to get different information makes me even more nervous. You don't want to ask the same ol' questions so sometimes you have to just jump out there and see what happens.

The most important thing I saw in my interview I did, being prepared helps!! If you have a list of questions you always have something to refer to. Even if the interview flows and things are just spoken about naturally, whenever you get stuck you can go back to your list. It's good to practice on friends and family members, children included...they are the most honest! Do your research before coming up with questions, it's a terrible feeling for a interviewee to get annoyed because you're asking question pertaining nothing to them or their area of expertise.

EXHIBIT A: Lil Wayne kicks out a interviewer for not doing his proper research LOL Funny but a tough way to learn about the importance of research.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Most Kings Get Their Heads Cut Off.....

Morning! I thought I put this video up a loooong time ago!! Better late than never....Jay Z quoted Basquiat, a very driven and influential artist, when speaking on success and ALL the changes that comes with it. My Dad always told me, changes and true colors always show in friendships when one deviates from the path that everyone was once on. Some may begin to be more successful or some may just decide to do different things with their life and when the playing field isn't equal anymore some begin to change...not all but it happens often. Jay was just speaking on how people go through so much to become better, for end the end to get their head chopped off and be criticized. I hope you enjoy the short clip...

By the way....28 more days until the WATCH THE THRONE TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!