Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Where I'm From: Jay Z Documentary

For all my Jay Z heads here is a mini documentary showing the process of opening the new Barclays arena as well as him preparing for his shows at the arena!  I attended the last show and it was nothing short of amazing, as all of his shows are.  At least that's how i feel lol  He brought out Queen Bey and she tore it up as well as closed the show out with Jay singing Forever Young.  I love their chemistry on and off the stage, i'm sure they have the ups and downs of any relationship but they seem genuinely happy, content and in love.  They never do too much over the top PDA but you can tell they adore one another by their interactions.  Sorry....back to the documentary lol I just love..LOVE! 

I'm so happy for Brooklyn and Jay Z for this big move with the Nets...they aren't doing too bad either!  The Nets beat the Knicks the other night so I think a rival has officially began.  The battle of NY!  He has brought so many jobs to the city as well as hope for kids from underpriveledged situations.  Blacks aren't depicted in the most positive lights or being in many powerful positions on tv and in media so a lot of kids don't feel they are capable of achieving certain things.  But Jay has shown them that anything is possible, regardless of your background or where you live.

And how cute was it for the lady on the train saying "oh I know about Jay Z"