Monday, September 24, 2012

Super Soul Sunday

 I love love love "SELF HELP" shows, books, interviews etc!  The best self help tools are real life people's stories of their transformations and evolution to the person who they always wanted to be.  Over the past few years I have really been working hard on becoming a better person, not being afraid to be ME and getting over a lot of fears that have paralyzed me my entire life.  That's why it seems as if a lot of my posts have had hidden messages or some sort of lesson, many of them are situations or "conflict" that has happened.  I've always been one to avoid conflict which I feel has hindered my growth immensely.  I always looked at conflict as a bad thing not a tool to prepare me for what's to come.  I just finished watching Oprah's Super Soul Sunday with DeVon Franklin and had MANY "ahh ha" moments as Oprah calls them!  His interview was like a breath of fresh air and I'm so happy for him and Megan Goode! 

Below are things that I've taken away from DeVon's interview!  I'll also put out there what I have been doing that is holding me back.

There is no story without conflict.  Collaborate with God on the script of your life, in order for God to perfect your achieve this God will ALWAYS steer you into conflict.  He knows that we will not grow if we don't go through conflict.  Conflict builds character and integrity to finish YOUR story...conflict prepares you for your ultimate goals and dreams.  These are the points referencing conflict!  Each and every one that I have listed I felt the total opposite.  I thought we were to avoid conflict, I thought God was just going to "make things happen" but when DeVon spoke on collaborating that struck a nerve.  I oftentimes can be "all over the place" in my mind because I have not thought about my PURPOSE!  I know tons of things I love to do but if I was given the platform I am lost as to my reasons.  I mean, i have the basic reasons as far as wanting to help others, give back etc. but I will try spending more alone time to give myself a more focused goal.  It was also mentioned that fame should never be the ultimate goal because if you have no motivation or purpose once fame is obtained then you ask yourself NOW WHAT???  And that's when the unhappiness comes into a lot of famous people's lives.  Not all, but many.

Embracing who you are will open doors not shut them.  If your faith will not fit through the doors that not walk through them.  These two points were like double ahh ha's for me!  I don't think I've ever embraced who I really am trying to fit a particular mold of what I think I should be.  Some based on the way I was raised, definitely not in a bad way, and also based on what worked for others.  DeVon said we have to know that we have all that we need within us to be great, we oftentimes feel we don't have enough because we compare ourselves to what other's have or are doing.  That is just a scene in their movie but we never know what scene is next.  So we have to stay in our role of our life and we will begin to embrace everything that has always been within us placed by God.  Sometimes when it comes to jobs I would not be myself because in school we were taught to act this way, dress this way, say this, don't say that and you will land the job!  That definitely works if you just want A JOB but when you want to live life to the fullest embracing the real you is the fast way to get there.

 One of the last questions Oprah asked was "How to surrender yourself"????  DeVon's answer was "Remember that God loves us and wants the best" and in the back of my mind I know that but I never kept that as a focus for all my decisions.  I can say my faith has been very week over the years when things don't go my way or if I feel I've put my all into something and nothing comes after.  I learned that maybe things never progressed because I was being the best as SOMEONE ELSE not the authentic ME.

So I have a lot of work to do and I definitely have some conflicts that need to be approached head on!  I know this is lengthy but hopefully someone out there will read it and get inspired.

Feel free to leave a comment...I feel myself gradually opening up and not being ashamed of my shortcomings :-)


  1. Great lesson and so inspiring....
    Reading this feels like im reading me...
    God bless.....

  2. This is inspirational! I especially love "Remember that God loves us and wants the best"... like you, I know this is true, however, I don't act like it. Can't wait to see the wonderful woman that you will become! You are already one step closer!!

  3. Wonderfully written and so inspiring. Thanks Eesh!