Friday, September 7, 2012

Girl Crush Alert!! #VMAs

I LOVE RIHANNA!  She looked amazing last night!  I love her with black hair and when it's short and that dress was EVERRRRRYTHANG!!  She gave me a tingly feeling last night LOL! #dontjudgeme  But seriously she is such a pretty girl...After following her on instagram she is one of my fave people!  She just does her regardless of how people look at her but how she put herself out there yesterday you would never know she probably smoked 3 blunts on her way to the show!  People criticize her choices but hey, she is still handling her business obviously and she isn't harming anyone else so I say LIVE YOUR LIFE!! *cues music*  Here are a couple pictures of my girlfriend on the red carpet!  And I enjoyed her opening performances....looks like they got my girl some dance lessons because I thought she was a terrible dancer when she first came out!  She still is no Beyonce' but she's trying :-))

Last night, a lot of celebs gave the middle finger to the "no white after labor day" rule and I don't blame them.  If you want to wear white in the dead of winter go for it!  Rhi Rhi's dress was simply chic and the little bows tied on her shoulders were too cute!  And Katy Perry looked great as well, I guess her and Rhi Rhi are hanging now.  Katy is one of my favorite pop artists....

Overall the awards were ok and Kevin Hart is a fool!  I looooved Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz performance, I'm sure I broke out in a sweat dancing in front of the tv as if I was on stage with them.  Hey gotta get that workout in somehow.

Amber Rose looked gorgeous with her baby bump!  I'm happy for her and Wiz Khalifa, grant it we never know how people's relationships are but from what I see they seem to be genuinely happy and in love with one another.  I think they make the perfect odd couple!  They both push the  boundaries with fashion, stick to no trends and could care less what others think about them.  

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