Friday, September 27, 2013

Shameless Maya ... +++++ Energy

So this chic is like my virtual BFF!!  I sooo love her and I stalk her youtube page looking out for all her new videos lol #dontjudgeme.  I just love her energy and like she says she isn't perfect but she is always looking to inspire others to live their life on purpose and shamelessly.  Below is her latest video about how she stays positive and it was so on point!  I have definitely done a lot of these things but sometimes it takes one bad circumstance to throw you off your high energy horse :-(  Be sure to check out all her videos and you can see her transformation from her Day 1 of 365 days of living shameless.  It's just amazing how you can change your life by taking action and focusing, this is what inspired me because I actually watched her transform herself and her life, literally one day at a time...ok maybe one week at a time lol

I've pulled out my journal I keep in my purse to jot down a few new goals and I have to pray daily to remain focused.  The thing that throws me off is when I'm on the right track and someone or something just throws me for a loop and I'm like WTF did I do???  Then I go on this negative vindictive rant in my head and plotting out my revenge then I'm back to my confused state of mind!  Did I mention I'm a cancer....we forget NOTHING.  But I'm working on that....

Rome was not built in a day lol!  Enjoy and Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kanye & Zane Lowe Interview...GOOD SHIT

I love Kanye West!  No matter how over the top he is, he always speaks his truth and truth in general.  His timing may be off at times but he says what needs to be heard but because media curbs what is put out it's always a big uproar.  We are afraid to ruffle some feathers, myself included that's why at the end of the day I can respect Kanye.  This interview was really good!  He's just a passionate guy trying to keep people aware of what's REALLY going on in society.  We have so many negative distractions to take our focus off of the lies that are being fed to us.

"That's the main thing people are controlled by, their perception of themselves.  They're slowed down by their perception of themselves"

This statement was so true!  If you feel you can't do anything, you will NOT do anything and we have to challenge ourselves daily to do something we thought we could not do.  Even down to the smallest things...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You have to Listen to Yourself....

Mater Mea plug again...i really like Hannan's interview!  A lot of times I feel I can't pursue certain things since being a parent is my first priority but reading her interview and she has THREE boys I know I can do it.  She clearly says it's not easy but it's worth it and it makes you an even happier parent.  It's just so scary getting out of your cubicle life and having to go after what's uncertain.