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I'm expanding!!  WHOOT WHOOT! LOL!  I figure why not maximize my blog as much as possible!!  This section will be of me doing things that I do just for the love of it!  I will be practicing doing interviews, that also would entail editing I guess lol my tutoring/mentoring, and anything that is about me growing and helping others to grow.  I am really coming out of this shell of mines, slooooowly but surely and Lord knows I thought I would never see the day!

November 26, 2013

I'm baaackkk!!  i've been gone for almost 3 months!!  the older your children get the less time you have!  But i'm back on my blogging kick!  Yesterday my mom and I volunteered to feed the homeless with her job!  We had so much fun and the people were sooo nice and grateful.  It made me appreciate having dinner every night, a family to eat with and friends to invite over as well.  There were young and old people coming to get food so you never know what someone's situation is.  It felt so good to give back and serve those in need.  The food looked really good too!  I kind of wanted me a plate lol  Like they say, the face of poverty has changed over the last 10 years, it could be your next door neighbor or the person in the cube right next to you.  During the holiday season try to volunteer or GIVE anything you can whether it be a meal, time a toy or just a smile and a hug.  You never know how you can brighten up someone's day.  We also sang Happy Birthday to a lady who came to get a meal, her smile was the best!  I was only able to get a side view but you can see everyone else enjoying the song with her!

August 28, 2013

I wanted to share a shirt we picked up for Cayden at the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.

I could not pass this one up!  The picture alone is so powerful and the wording on the back shows the area of Dr. King's dream we need to continue to strive so it is realized.  Clearly justice was not served the black race was treated as almost NOTHING with the verdict of the Trayvon Martin case.  Trayvon was definitely judged based on the color of his skin and definitely not by his character.  Being as though I have a son, this is very unsettling for me because one day he will be a black teenager out here walking around minding his business or out having fun with his friends and knowing someone could potentially profile and provoke him is not a good feeling.  The issue was G. Zimmerman stood his ground but when Trayvon fought him and probably won, was that him not standing his ground?!?  Maybe I'm crazy but things definitely did not add up right and everyone INCLUDING THE JURORS knew that as well.  

August 22, 2013

SIP N' me and some of my co-workers went to living social for a night of Sipping wine/champagne and being #PICASSOBABY lol  We had such a good time, it's interesting to see the creative skills each person has outside of what you see them do at work.  There were some really nice paintings created and I have to say I surprised myself as well!  I looove colors so of course mines was probably the most colorful one but I loved it.  I was attempting to recreate a painting that was already in the studio but the person who created that painting was really more experienced than I was but I made it my own and I love it!!  In my picture, I show the beginning process and finished product of my work.  Painting is so relaxing and I said I wanted to learn to paint and actually paint with Cayden but there are so many supplies and I would not know what to buy and I did not want to try to buy everything!  It's amazing what a few brushes, paper towels and your fingers can achieve in creating a work of art.  Just thought I'd share!  I had some things on my mind before we got there but thinking about my ideas, painting and trying to execute it took my mind totally off of them and I felt 100% times better afterwards.  My co workers are so cool :-)

August 12, 2012

First Book Club Meet up!!!
 Recently at my job we began an employee committee to help make our company a little more "fun" should I say and we come up with ideas and suggestions then we bring them to management.  When the company gives you the things you want it makes you more willing to go above and beyond and when the environment is fun it makes you more eager to come in...especially on those dreadful Mondays :-)  We organize events so people can get to know one another at work and outside of work.  I know myself personally I stay at my desk for most of the time and I hardly remember anyone's name if we do not work directly together daily.  So the employee committee was created to bring about a little more unity amongst the employees.

We have also created a few subcommittees that people are welcomed to participate in and I am in the book club.  Who would've thought??  lol  My parents used to have to FORCE me to read when I was younger and now I LOVE to read!  I was into the black "hood" books and they were really interesting but after a while there would be the same type of story line, 1 of 3 different endings so I got kind of bored with those.  Then as I began trying to work on myself, I got into the self help books for about 5 years straight and I love them and I still read them now.  With the book club our first book we chose was 'And The Mountains Echoed' by Khaleed Hosseini and it is definitely different from anything I have ever read but I really like it!!  This book visits places from Kabul to Paris and back to California which gives you many different aspects and different backgrounds on various cultures.  There are some great lessons gathered from all the different events taken place.  Our meeting yesterday was for a half way mark so some of our members were unable to make it but we still had a great discussion.  We questioned whether there is really things that are ultimately RIGHT OR WRONG or are most things judged on a case by case scenario??  We also spoke on how many people spend their entire lives searching for their purpose and they miss out on actually enjoying what they have in the "now" and when they get to the end of their life they realize they were living their purpose but it was nothing close to what they thought it would be.  That was big for me because I feel I'm always searching for purpose but now I am going to fall back from that a little.  We should definitely set goals, always give back and try to help others but we need to enjoy where we are right now.

Oops, here I go getting long winded again but overall our first meet up was a success!

 August 10, 2013

WE FINISHED!!!  Me, Nik and my Aunt Kelz finished the Roc Race!!!  It was sooo much fun and if you can't tell we were drenched in this picture at the finish line.  This race was an equivalent to a 5K but during the walking/running you had to get through many different obstacles similar to the show WipeOut.  There was mud, monkey bars, foam, water, tight ropes and many more.  I was nervous at first but once we got going it was so much fun!  We all agreed that next year when we participate we will choose the earliest time slot because we had the 4:30 time slot this year which mean we had the MUDDIEST water of the day and of course we all fell in more than once...UGHH!!!  lol  I almost had to play lifeguard for Nik who was drowning in the foam, that foam was crazy!!  I did not think it was going to be that complicated but it was like the foam was sticking to your eyes, mouth and up your nostrils so it's was hard to see and breathe and we were in a big pool of it that had a slippery bottom.  That's where I bruised my knee.  The weather was good, nice and sunny so the water was perfect and everyone just had a really good time!

I've been working out on the treadmill lately and I'm feeling good so now my mom is trying to convince me to do a 5K when we go to LA in a couple months.  I'm strongly considering....who would've thought??!?!  
Next year we have to get us some costumes!  These tutus were too cute and they guys had them on as well, such good team players lol

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