Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tell Em' Kanye!!

I have found yet another interview proving why Kanye is so dope!  Yeah Yeah Yeah he is always in his feelings and overly emotional but when you really believe in what you are speaking and doing it gets frustrating when others try to downplay you and take you for a joke.  I really understand what he is getting people to try to see but like he said society and the media has warped our brains into thinking totally different.  Racism has evolved into class-ism which happened years and years ago but it's now coming back around.  I loved the example he used about women buying overly expensive bags to feel like they are better than the next person when having a lot of nice things doesn't equal to you having a good quality of life.  That is sooo true!  Now, he never said having nice things was wrong but when you get these things to make yourself feel above the next, that is where the line is drawn.  I agree with him that quality time with your family is the ultimate having EVERYTHING and having the best quality of life. 

Skip to 1:45 to start with Kanye...this is also part 2 of the full interview.  Kanye has what a lot of people lack now days and that is...pure PASSION