Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Melody Ehsani & Reebok

I soooo love these shoes and I just copped my pair!!  Melody is a jewelry designer who is teaming up with Reebok for a second time releasing the "M.E. Betwixt Mid" sneaker.  These shoes are limited editions and I missed the last pair that came out and they were fiyaahh too!  I looove me a nice sneaker that can be worn forever and with almost anything lol  The shoes are available for presale on her website and will be available in selected stores on August 2nd.

I am always in support of a good cause and something with meaning behind it, I know they still are making money but you get my drift lol, the LOVE on the toe of the sneaker came from one of Melody's favorite quotes by Julie Walker "Love is the only nutrient in the world that can be expressed"....this is so true.  Love can heal and change many situations.  Melody and Reebok also teamed up to donate her entire personal design fee to a school for girls that helps fund their development and education.  There is also a quote in Melody's handwriting inside of the shoes that says :

"Competition is a myth, ain't nobody else like M.E.! Love is the only nutrient in the world that can be expressed.  If I wake up to who I am, I will accomplish miracles, because I choose to arise and be M.E.  Then will I shut off this voice that makes me think I am not....By the grace of God 'I will see myself' "

I soooo love this quote!!  Being as thought I'm in a stage where I'm really growing and working extremely hard to keep focused, this said everything I needed to hear.  Not saying this quote is the reason I bought the shoe, the shoe is just fxckn dope but the message is on point as well!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Changing My Life One Day at A Time....

So it's Day 8 of me getting on the treadmill in the mornings before work!!  I think this is honestly the longest stretch of me sticking to exercising besides when I was younger and was in sporting activities.  I am so proud of myself and I actually look forward to getting on the treadmill each day.  I was going to try to do every other day but knowing me that one day off would throw me all the way off and have me making excuses.  So I just started off with an attainable goal which is do at least 10 minutes a day and do arm workouts twice a week in the evenings.  Starting with 10 minutes, now I have worked myself up to 16 minutes and yes I run the entire time on an incline!!  Now that I have gotten to 16 minutes, 10 minutes is a breeze for me.  I have a purpose for doing this which is why I have stuck with it.  My purpose is definitely not to lose weight lol but to get my metabolism going, get my brain moving and my private time to meditate and talk to God.  When I say I can see a drastic improvement in my productivity at work and even in the evenings when I get home I'm not ready to pass out as soon as I walk in the door.  I just feel better overall and I start my day off on a good note and that is usually how the day ends up.

I definitely have to talk to myself during those last few minutes on the treadmill because the back of my thighs get to burning lol  And I just tell myself, "you are jogging to your new life" "jogging to accomplish new goals" "jogging to those doors that God is waiting to open" "jogging to show God you are disciplined and ready for his blessing" and those statements help me push through.  I also keep the time covered up and occasionally I peek at it but I focus more on my thoughts than the actual act of exercising itself.  I have been involved in a lot more projects and been given more opportunities at work and I enjoy coming in.  I mentioned before that I had been looking for new jobs for foreverrrrr and nothing has came about and now our company seems to be reorganizing and I'm really liking what they are doing!  I know I don't want to work a 9-5 for the rest of my life but for now clearly this is where God wants me and I am going to take advantage of all opportunities and do my best and with a good attitude and we'll see where things go....

I'm really excited and I am going to continue what I'm doing, I've eliminated a lot of unnecessary situations out of my life and I feel so free!  Everything is a learning experience and I've definitely learned a lot of lessons so now it's time to take action and DO ME!

The Little Things...

I love this pic!  It's actually a screen shot of a video of my guys racing each other...already! lol  It's the little things that kids remember and that create an everlasting bond between them and their parents.  Of course, they like the "things" we buy but really can you remember EVERY thing your parent bought you??  There are those couple items that we just had to have and probably remember but what we remember the most from our childhood are the memories made together.  Los and I always are creating memories together and with our guy and he is theeee best father hands down!!  No, I don't post pics of him all over my social media sites every time we do something together or every time he does something nice.  Everything is not for everybody and some people really don't care they just want to have something to talk about, I also feel certain parts of our lives should remain intimate and I am a very private person when it comes to my family.  Like Fab said "Ya'll could say whatever, just don't bring the family up"....
Some need to validate themselves and get comments from people everyday but when it's real and you are secure you don't need anyone's approval but each others.  I am really grateful to have these two awesome guys in my life...Boogy too lol and I wouldn't trade them in for anything even though they work my nerves from time to time but we all need some excitement here and there! :-)  Spend time with your kids because time waits for no one and you definitely don't want to look up and your kids are 16 and you are wondering why the relationship is non existent...relationships don't just "happen" when they are teens those relationships are building through their childhood and children may forget the things you buy but they will never forget the way you made/make them feel....

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Great Interview!!

With Jay Z of course!!  I left his name out of my post title for those who are tired of my Jay Z obsession lol  But really....this is a great interview!!  Elliott Wilson is a great interviewer!!  They talk about almost everything instead of the basic questions that most people ask.  You can tell he has studied Jay and knows a lot about different topics to keep the convo going.  They touch on Obama, Trayvon Martin in which Jay called Zimmerman a "fxckn mall cop" LOL his anxieties about being a Dad, RocNation Sports etc.  They say study the greats and Jay Z is definitely one of the greats all around.  I admire is business mind so much!

I hope you enjoy!!  #FACTSONLY