Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This video is one of the many reasons I love Nas!  Been in the game and still raps with relevance and so many people can feel where he's coming from.

The lyrics and the video depicted a clear picture of how he was feeling and it was real bold of him to put out there the issues he's dealt with while raising his little girl.  All men feel this way but some have a hard time showing it and others aren't bold enough to admit where they could have done a little better.  Kids grow up so fast and a lot of time parents think we have all this time in the world, that kids don't have feelings and they'll always be there when we feel like being bothered with them.  Life is short and kids may be there when they are adults but they will always remember things you've done when they were kids, both good and bad!

I know with the economy how it is, people have to work 10x harder so a lot of parents may be taken away from the home more often to be able to provide.  It's so important to still try to find some type of way to make the kids feel special, spend some type of quality time and not just think gifts and money will compensate for that lack of attention.

"....they say the coolest playas and foulest heart breakers in the world God gets us back, he makes us have precious little girls"

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Red Table Talk...AWESOME

I'm rushing right now so I'll update this post later this evening...but this video is amazing!!  I'll upload part two as well

ok...so i hope you looked at both videos, i know they are lengthly but if you are a family oriented person there was a lot one could take from and apply it to their families.  Or get a glimpse into how some of our parents may feel but just never told us or never had the platform to speak on it.  No parent is perfect and I'm sure ALL parents wish they may have done some things differently but if we get a deeper look into their past and childhood we will began to have empathy for some of the things we never understood about them.  Then the child can be able to help the parent heal from some unresolved issues or just be on the same page of understanding.  When we understand one another it's easier to forgive and be able to make relationships closer.

I love how Jada allowed Willow the freedom to express herself, a lot of kids are shut down because parents feel kids should have no say so or opinion but this is why a lot of adults do not know how to communicate and relationships crumble due to lack of communication.  Grant it, some things are just not up for discussion but kids should be able to voice their opinions...RESPECTFULLY which shows them it's ok to speak as long as the motive is to come to a resolution.  This shows kids at an early age that communication isn't meant to destroy but to build.  Children today deal with a lot and they definitely need a way to get it out because as we can see, when children internalize their problems they let them out in violent, disrespectful and attention seeking ways.

I know i'll try my best to allow my son to tell me how he feels even if it's something I may not want to hear.  But knowing how he feels will allow me to be a better mom to him.  As adults we don't like to hear the truth and kids are the best source to get it from because it's innocent but not watered down at all!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BBW...pure bullshxt!

ok so I know I'm about a week late but oh well lol  I just caught up on BBW from last week and it is a HOT MESS!!!!!  Like I was pissed off watching the entire episode, I don't even know where to begin.  I hate that I even watched it, well I didn't give them a rating since I missed it last week but still this show should not be supported at all!  Granted, it's drama so you want to watch it to see "what's next" but really as black GROWN ASS WOMEN we gotta do better!  First of all, none of these girls are wives!  And the ones who are or were wives get picked at the most!  The person who I'm most disappointed with is Shaunie, I always thought she was a very classy female before this show aired.  But the fact that she allows these women to act a damn fool, prey on the weak and just embarrass blacks as a whole is just sad.  I honestly don't even get the point of this show...all it shows is them drinking, getting mad at a different girl, fighting (none of them can really fight if you ask me) and wasting money to travel and just be miserable.

Tami....*sigh*  I used to like Tami on the last season because she seemed to keep it real but now she is just a ignorant, sad, miserable, unresolved issue having bully!  I really wish Keisha would have punched her and just took the L but gained a little respect.  Grant it, violence is not the answer but really Tami was way out of line.  And Susie is just going to ride with whoever isn't about to whoop her instigating, awful lisp having punk ass!  She is always getting stuff started then trying to act like she doesn't know what's going on.  She plays too many sides for me.  Then them putting the fish and squid in Kenya's room was the epitome of immature, that is no wear near a "prank".  Then Shaunie is actually sitting there allowing it.  This is the ultimate example of groupthink...no one has a mind of their own everyone wants to follow the majority.  I don't even understand why Jen and Kenya came....one more thing, when did Evelyn become so gutta???  I missed something smh

I'm not going to go on and on because I've done enough but we really have to start boycotting these shows (me included) because we are allowing the media to continuously portray us in a bad light.  These shows are the main reason other cultures, not just white people, look at us crazy because they assume this is how we all are.  Some cultures are not around blacks, so all they see is what is shown on tv and how some of us act in public.  These are supposed to be classy GROWN women with kids and this should not be a depiction of how "friendships" work.  None of these women are friends at all!

I love La La's show but she gets no attention because her show actually shows a real woman doing what she has to do while maintaining a good relationship with her HUSBAND and child.  She also has great working friendships that too have issues but they show the grown up way to handle disagreements between real friends.  But as we see, La La's show only gets 30 minutes because it's a drama free show but the BBB (basketball bxtches) get an entire hour.  But this is what our society has come to...DRAMA filled ignorance.

....ok i'm done

Monday, May 21, 2012

Family Yard Sale!!

Aunt Gail pullin people in off the Ave!
This weekend we held our family yard sale to raise money for our upcoming family reunion in Atlanta GA!!  We had sooo much fun and we had a great turnout!  We pretty much sold everything and ALOT of my family came out to support.  I looove love love family time and events!  We had the cotton candy machine and snow ball machine rollin!  I'm a beast at making cotton candy...I thin I've found my calling! Jk jk...we were also selling hot dogs, hamburgers and of course pickles, the food brought in a lot of customers then they would find a few items that were for sale as well.

I get even more excited now days about our family events because for years I had prayed to God that our family would get back close how we were when I was younger and I'm starting to see him WERKK!  Over the years, people kind of drew apart or got in to little cliques because of small family drama or just being caught up in the daily routine of life and not taking out time to spend with relatives.  Even before the family reunion planning began, I saw a lot of us begin to come back together.  Now no one is perfect, we are all still a work in progress but the important part is...there is progress being made.  So when the family reunion meetings and events began things just started rolling and I am so happy!  I have a really large family and when we get together it's always a partaaayy and that's how things should be.  Life is about living and with those who love us.

Just something I thought I would share because family is very important, immediate or extended.  If there are beefs going on, be the bigger person to call that family member and just move on.  The only times families get together should NOT just be at funerals...because then it's too late and you realized how much you've missed out on or how unimportant everything else was in the big frame of things.


Aunt Kellie partying to Chuck!

Some of the fam! LOVE

Friday, May 18, 2012


I need some creative ideas for wall colors for our spare bedroom!  I love to paint but I have such a hard time figuring out colors because I just want to use them ALL lol  Right now we just have our computer with a very modern computer table so I want something kind of chic.  Don't want it to look like an office but a cool creative type room.  We'll eventually put a futon and maybe one of those over sized bean bags to add some coziness....

I even had a image in my head to color block the room!  Color blocking is the newest trend...maybe paint the ceiling one pop color then the accent wall another bold color then leave the other walls plain and add wall art and my own photographs.

*googles images for creative spaces*

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Babies Having Babies...

so I'm catching up on 16 & pregnant...yup I'm probably the only person who still tunes into that show.  It's just more interesting to me now that I'm a mom to see how these teens think motherhood is a walk in the park and they'll be able to have a baby and carry on with their lives.  The funniest part to me is when they go out looking for baby supplies and they get smacked in the face with how much all this stuff costs!  And it also takes me back to when I was preggers and I get teary eyed every time the babies are delivered #dontjudgeme.  Motherhood is a BIIIG adjustment but well worth it and routines and schedules are key...it makes life so much easier.

But the craziest thing I saw with the most recent couple is, the grandmother of the father allowed his girlfriend to move in after 3 months of them dating...WTF!!  To no surprise, the couple ended up pregnant!  Now the grandmother is soo upset and she tells them they have to move out after the baby is born!  That part pissed me off to the fullest!  First of all, there is no way in hell my son will have girl's spending the night at 16...at no age actually, hell when they come visit they aren't even allowed in his bedroom!  If you're old enough to lay up you're old enough to get your own place.  Then they are sleeping in the same bed so what in the hell did she expect???  I understand she was disappointed but I don't think it's fair for parents to allow and condone children to partake in irresponsible actions then when the inevitable happens then the want to become this big disciplinarian.  Kids and teens have parents and guardians to help guide their decision making, you can give them freedom to think and express themselves but some things just aren't happn'n!  I really did not understand what she thought two horny 16 year olds would really be doing in a room together, laid up in the bed every day and night, with no boundaries??  #cmonson

I know this is a very random post but I just couldn't believe how she flipped the script on them!


These are two pieces I need in my wardrobe for the spring/summer!  I am a lover of colors and prints...this dress is AMAZING!