Monday, May 21, 2012

Family Yard Sale!!

Aunt Gail pullin people in off the Ave!
This weekend we held our family yard sale to raise money for our upcoming family reunion in Atlanta GA!!  We had sooo much fun and we had a great turnout!  We pretty much sold everything and ALOT of my family came out to support.  I looove love love family time and events!  We had the cotton candy machine and snow ball machine rollin!  I'm a beast at making cotton candy...I thin I've found my calling! Jk jk...we were also selling hot dogs, hamburgers and of course pickles, the food brought in a lot of customers then they would find a few items that were for sale as well.

I get even more excited now days about our family events because for years I had prayed to God that our family would get back close how we were when I was younger and I'm starting to see him WERKK!  Over the years, people kind of drew apart or got in to little cliques because of small family drama or just being caught up in the daily routine of life and not taking out time to spend with relatives.  Even before the family reunion planning began, I saw a lot of us begin to come back together.  Now no one is perfect, we are all still a work in progress but the important part is...there is progress being made.  So when the family reunion meetings and events began things just started rolling and I am so happy!  I have a really large family and when we get together it's always a partaaayy and that's how things should be.  Life is about living and with those who love us.

Just something I thought I would share because family is very important, immediate or extended.  If there are beefs going on, be the bigger person to call that family member and just move on.  The only times families get together should NOT just be at funerals...because then it's too late and you realized how much you've missed out on or how unimportant everything else was in the big frame of things.


Aunt Kellie partying to Chuck!

Some of the fam! LOVE

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