Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Babies Having Babies...

so I'm catching up on 16 & pregnant...yup I'm probably the only person who still tunes into that show.  It's just more interesting to me now that I'm a mom to see how these teens think motherhood is a walk in the park and they'll be able to have a baby and carry on with their lives.  The funniest part to me is when they go out looking for baby supplies and they get smacked in the face with how much all this stuff costs!  And it also takes me back to when I was preggers and I get teary eyed every time the babies are delivered #dontjudgeme.  Motherhood is a BIIIG adjustment but well worth it and routines and schedules are makes life so much easier.

But the craziest thing I saw with the most recent couple is, the grandmother of the father allowed his girlfriend to move in after 3 months of them dating...WTF!!  To no surprise, the couple ended up pregnant!  Now the grandmother is soo upset and she tells them they have to move out after the baby is born!  That part pissed me off to the fullest!  First of all, there is no way in hell my son will have girl's spending the night at no age actually, hell when they come visit they aren't even allowed in his bedroom!  If you're old enough to lay up you're old enough to get your own place.  Then they are sleeping in the same bed so what in the hell did she expect???  I understand she was disappointed but I don't think it's fair for parents to allow and condone children to partake in irresponsible actions then when the inevitable happens then the want to become this big disciplinarian.  Kids and teens have parents and guardians to help guide their decision making, you can give them freedom to think and express themselves but some things just aren't happn'n!  I really did not understand what she thought two horny 16 year olds would really be doing in a room together, laid up in the bed every day and night, with no boundaries??  #cmonson

I know this is a very random post but I just couldn't believe how she flipped the script on them!

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