Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BBW...pure bullshxt!

ok so I know I'm about a week late but oh well lol  I just caught up on BBW from last week and it is a HOT MESS!!!!!  Like I was pissed off watching the entire episode, I don't even know where to begin.  I hate that I even watched it, well I didn't give them a rating since I missed it last week but still this show should not be supported at all!  Granted, it's drama so you want to watch it to see "what's next" but really as black GROWN ASS WOMEN we gotta do better!  First of all, none of these girls are wives!  And the ones who are or were wives get picked at the most!  The person who I'm most disappointed with is Shaunie, I always thought she was a very classy female before this show aired.  But the fact that she allows these women to act a damn fool, prey on the weak and just embarrass blacks as a whole is just sad.  I honestly don't even get the point of this show...all it shows is them drinking, getting mad at a different girl, fighting (none of them can really fight if you ask me) and wasting money to travel and just be miserable.

Tami....*sigh*  I used to like Tami on the last season because she seemed to keep it real but now she is just a ignorant, sad, miserable, unresolved issue having bully!  I really wish Keisha would have punched her and just took the L but gained a little respect.  Grant it, violence is not the answer but really Tami was way out of line.  And Susie is just going to ride with whoever isn't about to whoop her instigating, awful lisp having punk ass!  She is always getting stuff started then trying to act like she doesn't know what's going on.  She plays too many sides for me.  Then them putting the fish and squid in Kenya's room was the epitome of immature, that is no wear near a "prank".  Then Shaunie is actually sitting there allowing it.  This is the ultimate example of groupthink...no one has a mind of their own everyone wants to follow the majority.  I don't even understand why Jen and Kenya came....one more thing, when did Evelyn become so gutta???  I missed something smh

I'm not going to go on and on because I've done enough but we really have to start boycotting these shows (me included) because we are allowing the media to continuously portray us in a bad light.  These shows are the main reason other cultures, not just white people, look at us crazy because they assume this is how we all are.  Some cultures are not around blacks, so all they see is what is shown on tv and how some of us act in public.  These are supposed to be classy GROWN women with kids and this should not be a depiction of how "friendships" work.  None of these women are friends at all!

I love La La's show but she gets no attention because her show actually shows a real woman doing what she has to do while maintaining a good relationship with her HUSBAND and child.  She also has great working friendships that too have issues but they show the grown up way to handle disagreements between real friends.  But as we see, La La's show only gets 30 minutes because it's a drama free show but the BBB (basketball bxtches) get an entire hour.  But this is what our society has come to...DRAMA filled ignorance.

....ok i'm done

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