Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 3 Success.. #30Layers30Days

How do you define success?  What words and feelings come to mind when you think of it?  What scares you the most about success and how do you (consciously or unconsciously) avoid it?  In your mind, how does courage relate to success?

Success is living a life that you enjoy...whatever that may be.  The words that come to mind are freedom and love.  The scary thing about success is wondering when the tables will turn.  When things get too good I subconsciously think about all that could go wrong.  Ways I avoid it are making excuses for how my success "might" change me as a person or push away those around me.  Courage is directly related because you have to be able to deal with those around you changing as well as the responsibility of remaining successful.  You can't just accomplish things and stop putting forth the effort.

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