Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Congrats to my Mama!! (a whole month later)

So we ventured out to LA back in October and had a ball!!  The weather was perfect, the traffic was ehhh but the palm trees made it all better and we made it to Roscoe's!!!  And most importantly, my mom and a couple of her friends finished the Half marathon!!!  I was so happy for them and my mom was too funny when they called her name as she crossed the finish line! lol! Of course Cayden was in tow and enjoyed himself as always, he made it to the cockpit and took over the controls as usual.  He loooveeessss airplanes so I was just as excited as he was!  Here are a few pics from our escape.  Oh yeah, we made it on the TMZ tour too...too bad we didn't see anyone and the weather dropped 10 degrees within 20 minutes and I was freezing!  Luckily they had blankets for us :-)
At the Finish Line!! 

We ventured into the Hollywood Hills to crab a flick of the Los Angeles skyline and the houses we saw were a DREAM!  You also saw a lot of security gates and tour vans but it was worth the drive to capture such a breathtaking photo.  I had to get a picture of my palm trees, I'm going to find a way to plant one in my backyard lol  Traveling is one of my passions and I wish one day I can do it and get paid for and take my family along for all the experiences.  I like to get away from the daily routines from time to time and just relax.  Cayden was definitely a trooper and I made sure I took him to the Children's museum out there which is really nice, Mr Bones Pumpkin patch where he could go inside the gate to feed the animals.  I was more nervous than he was and of course he tried to sit and lay on the goat.  My baby loves animals lol!  I have include some pics in the Cayden's corner section of my blog.