Thursday, May 24, 2012

Red Table Talk...AWESOME

I'm rushing right now so I'll update this post later this evening...but this video is amazing!!  I'll upload part two as well i hope you looked at both videos, i know they are lengthly but if you are a family oriented person there was a lot one could take from and apply it to their families.  Or get a glimpse into how some of our parents may feel but just never told us or never had the platform to speak on it.  No parent is perfect and I'm sure ALL parents wish they may have done some things differently but if we get a deeper look into their past and childhood we will began to have empathy for some of the things we never understood about them.  Then the child can be able to help the parent heal from some unresolved issues or just be on the same page of understanding.  When we understand one another it's easier to forgive and be able to make relationships closer.

I love how Jada allowed Willow the freedom to express herself, a lot of kids are shut down because parents feel kids should have no say so or opinion but this is why a lot of adults do not know how to communicate and relationships crumble due to lack of communication.  Grant it, some things are just not up for discussion but kids should be able to voice their opinions...RESPECTFULLY which shows them it's ok to speak as long as the motive is to come to a resolution.  This shows kids at an early age that communication isn't meant to destroy but to build.  Children today deal with a lot and they definitely need a way to get it out because as we can see, when children internalize their problems they let them out in violent, disrespectful and attention seeking ways.

I know i'll try my best to allow my son to tell me how he feels even if it's something I may not want to hear.  But knowing how he feels will allow me to be a better mom to him.  As adults we don't like to hear the truth and kids are the best source to get it from because it's innocent but not watered down at all!

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