Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Melody Ehsani & Reebok

I soooo love these shoes and I just copped my pair!!  Melody is a jewelry designer who is teaming up with Reebok for a second time releasing the "M.E. Betwixt Mid" sneaker.  These shoes are limited editions and I missed the last pair that came out and they were fiyaahh too!  I looove me a nice sneaker that can be worn forever and with almost anything lol  The shoes are available for presale on her website and will be available in selected stores on August 2nd.

I am always in support of a good cause and something with meaning behind it, I know they still are making money but you get my drift lol, the LOVE on the toe of the sneaker came from one of Melody's favorite quotes by Julie Walker "Love is the only nutrient in the world that can be expressed"....this is so true.  Love can heal and change many situations.  Melody and Reebok also teamed up to donate her entire personal design fee to a school for girls that helps fund their development and education.  There is also a quote in Melody's handwriting inside of the shoes that says :

"Competition is a myth, ain't nobody else like M.E.! Love is the only nutrient in the world that can be expressed.  If I wake up to who I am, I will accomplish miracles, because I choose to arise and be M.E.  Then will I shut off this voice that makes me think I am not....By the grace of God 'I will see myself' "

I soooo love this quote!!  Being as thought I'm in a stage where I'm really growing and working extremely hard to keep focused, this said everything I needed to hear.  Not saying this quote is the reason I bought the shoe, the shoe is just fxckn dope but the message is on point as well!!

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