Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kelly Cutrone...love her!

Found this old interview of Kelly Cutrone talking about her book "If You Have to Cry, Go Outside" and she makes some really good points!  I first saw her on The Hills and she was no nonsense and very cut throat!  But like she says in her interview you have to be stern, strong and not a cry baby when you are trying to be successful.

I loved her description of how Disney kind of molds the mindset of girls to become a princess, marry and have babies.  And that once you do that sometimes you still aren't happy and have no clue who you are.  Grant it, this process works for a lot of people and others obtain it and think they will see fireworks and live happily ever after but they really look up like "what's next"....Her point about not having to do things in order can still have benefits is so true!  We should teach our young girls how to be strong and live for YOURSELF, not for your parents, not strictly for the money but do what you actually LIKE to do.  You will never have an 100% approval rating so why even try to get that because no one knows YOU better than who else...YOU!

She can be kind of cut throat but I agree with some of her points and like what she is trying to do as far as talking to young girls and bring awareness to various causes all over the country.  I purchased her book "Normal Gets you Nowhere" a couple weeks ago and I'm sure I will enjoy.  I have to finish my current read "And the Mountains Echoed", which is great, then I can listen to Kelly curse me out and tell me how much of a whimp I am lol

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