Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This Year...wheeew!

As I turned 30 this year I can definitely say all my 30 years of lessons, speeches from my parents, situations I've watched on the outside etc. were put to use all throughout this year!  I guess I have been making conscious decisions to do things different regardless if people agree or not and have been actually taking action for a change that I am seeing all these different scenarios arise.  It's definitely scary since I've been one to stick to the norm, the safe and not do or say things for peace sake but in the end I was the one suffering.  So now that I have been looking at conflict as a positive and as a way to move forward I realize not everyone can handle genuine honesty.  I think our culture has changed to just keeping things looking good on the outside no matter how damaged they are on the inside.  I know I had been living like that for a while, nobody wants people to be upset with them or to make people feel uncomfortable but at some point things have to be done or we will be stuck being bitter and complaining to everyone else BUT the person who needs to know.

I also realized a lot of people don't self examine themselves so when things are brought to their attention it's devastating or they feel it's you just because you have been the ONLY one to care enough to mention what you see.  I feel one should be able to express how they feel as long as their motives are good and it is done in a respectful manner.  A lot of people can give criticism but when it's time to take it you see a whole different person come out.  But that is definitely not stopping me.  I found myself becoming a little bitter some years back because I would hold soooooo much in just to be sure I didn't ruffle any feathers but at the end of the day I was being affected then my thoughts because my outward actions. 

This post is really random but let's just try to keep it real with each other...like REALLY real, a lot of people claim they are real until it comes down to being real with themselves. 

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