Tuesday, August 6, 2013

MATER MEA: Celebrates Motherhood

Just wanted to share one of my newest favorite sites Mater Mea !!!  I first saw this site on twitter through a RT and since then I have been in love!  I look forward to the bi weekly posts they put up and when I forward the links to my friends I start out with "NEW MOM ALERT" lol  Oh wait....what is Mater Mea about??  Sorry lol  This site highlights awesome moms, normally in the NY area who are being amazing moms who have had or are having great careers and overcoming many obstacles along the way.  Some of the moms may have been a career woman than chose to be stay at home moms after their children came along.  The moms, the kids, the wording, the photography just everything is great!  Since I'm a fairly new mom (my baby is 18 months TODAY, check out Cayden's Corner on my blog) #shamelessplug back to the topic, I love anything dealing with being a better mom, inspiration from other moms, children, creativity for children and allowing them to be themselves.  I feel in order for that to happen they have to SEE you at your very best and see you work hard.  We can tell them what to do until we are blue in the face but if we don't take action where they can emulate it, the message does not resonate the same.  No mom is perfect and we all have our bad days but that is also apart of the lessons we can teach them.  We will never get everything right but as long as we pick up and keep moving forward things will work out.

There are so many inspiring stories from young moms to middle aged moms so there is something for everyone!  I'm always tweeting them especially on Mondays lol!  When I initially found the site I read through all the posts that I had missed in one day.  Be sure to check out this great site!  Hopefully one day I can write for them or even be featured because I am surely one heck of a mom and I am in a transitional phase in my personal life so who knows where I'm on my way to.

Thanks again Mater Mea for changing the game up with POSITIVE MEDIA!!

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