Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Project Runway Here I Come....

Hmmm Maybe not!  lol  But I just wanted to share my sweatshirt that I created!  I'm so excited, I've been working on my budget and trying to use what I have to create different outfits or just making the old into new!  I've began "thrifting" and I found a good amount of things and only spent $25!!  One of my finds was this $3 hoodie in the men's department and I shredded and studded it up!

This took all of 20 minutes!  I cut the neck off the sweatshirt, then cut the slits down the back!  I also added about 7 studs/spikes to the ends of the slits but they are hard to see in this picture.  I also added a piece of denim and tied it around the last slit...I have a few other things I want to add to it but I'm excited!

I hope you like!  Youtube is my new best friend :-)))

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