Friday, August 31, 2012

Fasting...once again!

Once again, i have lost focus so I will be taking another fast from FB and a partial fast from Instagram!  Twitter isn't that bad...I rarely get on there.  I got a lot accomplished during my last fast so we'll see what I can get done this go round.

We all need to constantly regroup and get our focus back!  I need to just fast from my dag on cell phone!  That thing is detrimental to a sista's health! LOL!

I just saw this quote at the bottom of an email that was sent to me this morning!!  This is soooooooo true and I read it about 5 times because each portion of the quote has pertained to me over the past couple months so I have to keep pushing instead of giving in:

"Life ends; when you stop Dreaming, Hope ends; when you stop Believing, Love ends; when you stop Caring, And Friendship ends; when you stop Sharing"

Have a good weekend!!!

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