Thursday, August 30, 2012

Honesty Hour

My head is nose is stuffy just need some type of pill to take the pain away

Pain of not knowing...Pain of confusion...Pain of fear....Pain of change

One day I have it figured all out then the next day I'm back to negative square one

The saying goes when you don't have a answer stand still and wait for God to show...

But what if you've been standing still for 8 years???  Is there a limit on when to stay and when to go??

My mind is racing 1000 miles a minute but can't make one single decision to push me to the limit

You pray and pray and pray and pray....just to do the same things each and every day

Exploring all avenues but none seem to generate revenue...
It's never about the money but bills gotta get paid honey!

Wanting to do what I love but what that is...I have no clue

Focusing in...but i always give in

Efforts always seem to go unnoticed.

Wish I could see that smiling face instead i'm trapped in the rat race

Wishing we could be paid to see the world...there has to be a way

Distance and life drain the spice...being real tight would be so nice

Longing for something I can't seem to find but feeling so blessed there should be no stress

Reminding myself I'm already equipped 
If only there were a life instruction manual

This is the most random set of words I've ever put together, some rhyme and some don't just thoughts amongst the brain.  Honesty Hour was inspired by Alex Elle...

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