Monday, September 10, 2012

Bow to your Queen!

"Queen's Men bow down without losing their King status" ~ dope chick

I came across this picture of my favorite couple...besides Barack and Chellie...and I had to post!!  I love a man is not afraid to bow down to his woman because he respects her, wants to please her, let's her be the woman BUT remains KING!  Some men are so caught up in their egos and they want to prove to people who could care less, that they are "running things" when the real ones who are really running it are not afraid for their woman to get their shine on.  Being a King is knowing how to silently one needs to hear what a king does...he just IS.  His woman is always right beside him and backing him up but he also knows when to let his Queen take control.  The key to successful relationships is playing your position correctly.  Let your man be a man and men let your woman be a woman.  Controlling her does not show you are "the man"'s actually the total opposite.  I definitely love my King and he is not intimidated by my Queen status!  We stay in our lanes and never let anyone shake the castle.

The Carters just gave me some end of the day inspiration....

....catch up ni99az

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