Wednesday, October 12, 2011


In my Magazine Writing course, we are now learning about conducting good interviews! I've always wondered how to conduct a fun but informative interview. First, I'm always a nervous wreck then having to pry to get different information makes me even more nervous. You don't want to ask the same ol' questions so sometimes you have to just jump out there and see what happens.

The most important thing I saw in my interview I did, being prepared helps!! If you have a list of questions you always have something to refer to. Even if the interview flows and things are just spoken about naturally, whenever you get stuck you can go back to your list. It's good to practice on friends and family members, children included...they are the most honest! Do your research before coming up with questions, it's a terrible feeling for a interviewee to get annoyed because you're asking question pertaining nothing to them or their area of expertise.

EXHIBIT A: Lil Wayne kicks out a interviewer for not doing his proper research LOL Funny but a tough way to learn about the importance of research.

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