Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowy Weekend

I'm really liking this blogging The snow is not playing this saturday!!  I guess my night out with the girls won't be happening :-(  But I'm sure we'll have it up when we reschedule.  My question is, why doesn't it snow like this on Sundays at 11 pm so we can be out of work?!?! The last big snow fall we got was on yet another weekend..UGH!  I'm so ready for Spring because this surely was a cold winter.  I guess I'll be walking back and forth to the refrigerator and eating and sleeping all day, sounds very exciting to me!  Little Rascals is on which is the cutest movie ever, reminds me of how kids are so carefree and live life with no fears at all...I wish I had a child's mentality when dealing with fear and living life to the fullest. I'm working on it, facing all fears one at a time...on my way back to the fridge! 

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