Monday, January 10, 2011


My new favorite series!! Shameless is a new television show that started up yesterday on Showtime, it comes on at 10pm Sunday nights. It follows a family who is headed by a Dad who is a druggie/alchy and the older sister (Fiona) playing the role of the mom. There are seven, if we include the dad (Frank) eight kids, who are a struggling unconventional family surviving in Chicago. What I like most about the show is how they show and emphasize team work while everyone does their part. They also find the joy and laughter in the small things. No one wants to have a drunk for a father, who gets brought home by the police at night but they still find ways to find humor in all the trials they endure. Family is really all we need! Just accepting people's flaws and trying our best to help each other become better!

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