Friday, January 28, 2011

Ozone Magazine...

I'm so excited!! I have moved closer to one of my goals on my vision of my articles was used on Ozone Magazine's website! Please read and feel free to leave a comment. I really didn't think my proposal would get accepted. Yes, I'm still working on believing and stepping out on faith. I did my research on the best ways to contact magazines, how to write queries and read through various magazines to see which would be best for my subject at hand. I have a ultimate goal to get in a particular magazine but I want to practice with smaller magazines before I go for the big dogs. I WILL get in my ultimate goal magazine real soon :-))

My topic was derived from one of my posts I put up a few weeks ago about music videos and how we need to do better. We being, the supporters, artists, execs and directors. I initially wanted to get in the actual magazine but the editor told me this subject would be good for their website. More than likely because specific videos could be attached to a post online. I just kept reading it and was really proud of myself. Writing an article is not as easy as I have to really do your research on the subject matter because if you give false info it could be detrimental and people will chop your work to pieces! Thanks to my homie Lilzz who is an awesome writer, reading over it and giving me a few changes to make the article even better. I love my friends, we all have so much to offer one another.

With ALLLLL that being said, never underestimate your power, goals and dreams! You just never know...I know you all are probably thinking, it's just an article on a website but being as though I never tried a lot of things just automatically assuming my idea would be rejected this really inspired me to keep working hard! I hope you enjoy the article, I know I enjoyed writing it!

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