Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's Affirmation...

I have favor over my life! I will get everything back that I have lost...TENFOLD. I am a much better ME than I was a year ago. My problems are a tunnel to creativity with color, light and LIFE at the end. My family and friends will have good health and enemies/frenemies included. All those things I am claiming and will receive.

What are you affirming today???


  1. thanks!! girl we have to claim it!!

  2. I affirm that LOVE AND LIFE is all around me. I have had some health challenges in the past which I have allowed to hinder my progress. NO LONGER....I am MORE than a CONQUERER.

    Love is all around me....Ye have NOT because you ask NOT. I'm claiming unconditional LOVE IN MY LIFE.

    My finances shall be overflowing........

    BE IT UNTO ME!!!

  3. I love that one! The key to receiving is first believing that you will have everything you ask for :-))