Thursday, January 6, 2011


This is just sad...the worse part of it that I couldn't bare to hear was the kids screaming for their mom.

Me posting this video with this point of view is making me realize how much I've matured...kinda turning into an old lady hunh?? lol A few years ago I would've thought this was funny, been trying to see who got knocked out and forwarding to as many people I could reach! As I watched this video this morning on FB, I did not even want to share it on my page...this should not be condoned at all!

We as black people have to do way better than this! These women and MEN...oops I meant girls and boys are out there just beating up on each other, front of THEIR kids, and just looking sad. We all have been in fights before but there was a point when someone would at least break it up or take the kids in the house. We are making ourselves look ignorant and the person who posted the video on youtube must have been proud of their "production". This should have been entitled "when keeping it real goes bad"...the obsession with going hard is becoming the downfall of our race. We wonder why other races and cultures despise us and thing the worse. Some individuals don't interact with blacks, some by choice and others because of their environment so all they have to see is what WE post on websites and what the media shows on television.

We need to do a better job at representing ourselves and teaching the kids that things like this is not ok. What do you all think this fight stemmed from?? I'll wait.....I'm sure it was from a bunch of BS 'he say she say' or over a man that cares nothing about any of these females involved. We wonder why our kids are fighting each other in the schools, killing each other on the streets and just clearly going buck wild!
They see the adults acting this way...not one person cared that a child was watching their parent get beat down, then they saw a male putting their hands on a female. That's another issue plaguing our community, domestic violence in realtionships. It is troubling all races but that is just another negative added to our list of problems This also leads to disruptive behavior in school which leads to US being less educated than other races. I could go on for days at the domino effect caused by this one senseless dispute...

It is always fun until someone is killed or seriously injured. Then these same people are walking around with RIP t shirts, crying and slobbing on the news saying how this person was such a good person and wondering where things went wrong. We need to try our hardest to break this cycle of ignorance and violence.

I do feel everyone should have the right to stand up and defend themselves but physical altercations should be the last resort because they always have the chance of leading to more violence. What happened to just one on one fights?? If someone was getting punished then people would break it up. You had your times where people would break it up but BRAWLS are becoming the "in" thing to do now days. Grant it, things like this have been taking place for years and years and years but now they are getting worse and ending in more deaths.
No one is perfect and we all have the ability to lose our temper but at some point we have to sit back and think about other ways to handle conflict...

That's my lecture for the month lol...CARRY ON!

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