Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Videos...Dancing & LYRICS

I'm working on something I feel will be cool! Diving deep into old videos vs new videos and finding out where they went wrong?? Was it the switch from story telling to dancing?? Talking about something to talking about nothing and making up for it with sexy vixens?? The switch from early 90s LL Cool J to the early 90s Luther Campbell?? lol Don't get me wrong I love to dance to some Luke but did it take away from the goals and purpose for videos? I have plenty of ideas as to where a form of expression kinda backfired on us...

Just one example of the difference in how men expressed their love for a woman in LL Cool Js "Hey Lover" to how love is shown today with Gucci Mane's "I think I love her"...

Have men taken out the romance because a lot of females have adopted a male attitude towards love and men..."I'ma play this nigga before he plays me and I don't give a damn"??

Let me know what you think!

By the way...I always had dreams of being a video girl lol Maybe a back up dancer! they used to be one in the same but now there is a HUGE difference. Janet Jackson's video is what sparked my attention at becoming a back up dancer then TLC's creep got me thinking video girls were cool. They seemed like a group of girls just getting together who loved to dance and have fun! It also helped that they had the tom boy appearance and that was so me...so I was able to relate :-)

I know we all remember watching "THE BOX" all day long memorizing the numbers of our favorite videos, getting excited when we would see those infamous three numbers pop up at the bottom of the screen. Then learning all the choreo to every video! I even began taping the videos and practicing the steps over and over again. In college my roommates and I found our old tapes with videos on them and would have dance sessions for hours and go to work! The crazy part about it was we actually remembered a lot of the moves....How many videos now days have actual choreography?? I'll wait.....

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