Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Update: Facebook Fast....

Hey Hey Hey!!

I know you all are wondering if I've given in during my FB fast...or maybe you could care less BUT I'll let you know how things have been going anyway! lol In almost a month, I have only logged back in to FB ONE time and it was for a co worker who wanted to see the page of a security guard that worked in our building who unfortunately got murdered. And as soon as we looked at the page, I deactivated it right away! I did glance at a few pics but I was on it for about 10 minutes. Yaayyy Meeee!!

Since then, I have accomplished so many different things! I've been way more productive at work, I've sent a query to a magazine for one of my articles and I'm waiting to hear back from them...I hope they accept! I've began blogging for another website Just Shuddup be sure to check me out, my name on there is Eesh77. And I have started my 'Crafts of Magazine Writing' online course and I love it so far! I'm learning a lot about this writing thing and how much you can really do with it if you work hard and stay focused. Oh, I've also continued with the tutoring program and have another student.

Wheeewww! so yeah I've been productively busy and I feel great! The crazy part is, I really don't miss Facebook. Maybe because I have twitter for the meantime in between time but it definitely isn't as time consuming as FB. We really don't realize how much the smallest things hold us back, if there is something you can cut back on try it and see how much more you can get accomplished without that thing in your life for just a will be surprised!

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