Thursday, December 15, 2011


This picture represents exactly how i feel right now!!! OMG...I'm starving! Recently, I've developed gestational diabetes due to the me and my Bam Bam's hormones not working well together. And this is my first day on my new "diet" that the gestational diabetes counselor gave us and I feel like I haven't eaten in days! I've been trying to stick to the script and i think i've done well compared to how I usually eat, which isn't too bad, but definitely more than what I can eat now!

You never realize the luxuries you have until they are gone! Everything has to be measured out, to almost nothing but you get more meals a day. And I have to test my blood after breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as when I first wake up. I did great on the morning tests buuuuut after lunch WOWZERS! I'm sure that came from the chocolate and almond granola bars I picked up. I don't even eat granola bars but I had to find ANYthing to snack on. Hell, they are high in fiber which is good but I don't think I'll be able to continue eating them. As I type, my stomach is eating through my back right now and I have a terrible headache and I just ate my afternoon "snack" grapes, milk and 5 pretzels! yes, 17 grapes, 5 pretzels and 1 cup of milk!

I'm going to try my hardest to do better, I didn't do terrible but I can do better especially since I have to write down all my numbers as well as what I eat all day for each meal. I would hate for Jenny (counselor) to make the diet even more strict. COME ON FEBRUARY!! Now I have more sympathy for those who have diabetes to deal with on a day to day basis...this thing is HARD!

Pray for a sista! *scrolls back up to drool over the burger in the pic*

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