Friday, January 6, 2012

Separated is STILL Married....

Hey Everybodyyyy!!!

I know this post is way left field but fxck it! lol With the divorce rate at an all time high...i just want to clarify that if a man or woman says they are separated they are STILL MARRIED!! I've always told myself that I could never sleep with let alone "date" a married man. For one, that is disobedient to God and I wouldn't want that Karma coming back around on me. Also, a man will never leave his wife for his mistress. I'm way to selfish to take a married guy serious anyway! Can't call after a certain time, can't give me what I want WHEN I WANT IT and just the thought of him tending to someone else's needs would tear my nerves to pieces.

But what about those who are "separated"??? I've always wondered the same thing, if they separated legally or not does that give one the pass to pursue a relationship or fxckship? I've always thought the answer was NO but wasn't sure but now I realize the answer is NO...DONT DO IT...RECONSIDER! A separation is a time for the couple to try to iron out issues before pursuing a legal divorce and if a 3rd party comes into play it makes the chances of the couple getting back together even harder. When couple get divorced it's not about just them two, it can seriously affect the children involved and also break up that family bond that molds strong and confident kids. A lot of times we don't look at the bigger effects of our actions but a marriage and separation should be left for the couple to deal with. Even if one person says they aren't living together or they know it's over...wait for the divorce to be complete. There is always a chance they get back together then you are stuck on stupid and all they are going to say is..."Well You Knew the Situation up Front" which is True!

Just put yourself in other people's shoes...most of the time we get one side of the story and of course that side will be the side that tries to make you comfortable with playing around with a married individual. But I'm sure if you heard the other side it will be something totally different. That other person may be at home crying, hoping and praying every night that things will work out...while you're out living it up with THEIR husband/wife.

Every decision reaps a consequence...

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