Friday, March 2, 2012

Never Despise Small Beginnings....

I'm a big fan of Tyler Perry, not just because of his movies but his overall message he sends as well as his story. I saw this video posted on FB and had to post it!

This was so on point for me!!! I have the tendency to despise small beginnings especially if I'm putting my all into something and it seems like efforts are going unnoticed. I'm always looking for the fireworks and the big break when like in the video, things can change instantly AT THE RIGHT TIME. I will just continue to prepare as far as my passion is concerned and the progression of my family.

Everyone has to start from somewhere and that waiting period is for a reason. Anything worth having is waiting for. Sometimes we feel like what's the point of taking the long way to our goals and dreams but staying the course promotes longevity. Shortcuts have short results....

Continue to be inspired!

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