Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm Making Progress.... if I will just discipline myself to keep moving forward!  These tweets were right on time.  If you have been reading my blogs for the THREE years that I've been blogging, you can see that I've been trying to make changes for the better and getting out of my comfort zone.  In the process I have done that but then I run back to my comfort zone if I get anxious.  It is definitely a cycle that I have been in for so long which has led me nowhere so I have been sloooooooooooowly breaking the cycle.

Last week I joined the employee committee at my job and I am also a head of the Events subcommittee.  I also joined with a group who are majority new hires and a few old employees but not many.  So I am forced to be involved and alone without anyone I'm too familiar with.  We have started a book club and a philanthropy group.  Everyone is really cool and I'm looking forward to stepping out there.  I also joined a kickball league which takes place on the National Mall *bites nails*....I don't know ANYONE besides one co worker who just started at my job so this will be ummmm different. lol  But the games are only one day a week, no practice just pure fun and we hang out for a little while after the games if we want to. 

I am on my way to become the best me and I can't stay stuck in my same routines.  I know there will be a day where I look back and laugh at how fear held me hostage for so long.  I know for a fact this won't be forever.

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