Monday, March 1, 2010

My Main B!*$^.....

I had to post about the crazy things "men" say! Maybe I'm old school but what female would take pride in being a guy's "main bitch"?? I had someone use this term when trying to plead their case and express their love for me then in the same breath say how much I was respected by him...WTF! Then they wondered why I #ontothenext'd them. If any guy feels that is ok then we are clearly on two totally different levels and there is nothing that I can say that they will understand. The sad part is the guy was really trying to get me to understand why that was ok...When picking partners I do see now how difference in upbringing and maturity levels play a major role in relationships. Not to say that a guy from troubled childhood would never be able to please someone who had a stable household but there clearly has to be tons of growth as well as having an open mind. A ignorant, stubborn male is not a good look! I know there are a lot of men who feel they know it all but as long as they are open to the opinions and viewpoints of others progress can be made. Sometimes us women hold on to things we know we need to let go of but once things begin getting disrespectful that is when it's time to "get to steppin"!

I just had to vent a little, I knew this was going to happen but looking at a person's potential rather then what they are actually SHOWING always gets me in trouble.

Back to work from my three day sick vacation...I enjoyed my "Boobie" lol during my days off!! Thank God it's love to everyone even those we feel don't deserve it and remember becoming a "main bitch" is never the title to strive for.

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