Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Now I Understand....

"I wish you would have done this a long time ago, but now it's too late"

A lot of times we take opportunities and people for granted. When people give us thing openly and freely we don't see them as important chances to progress and move forward. Then when they are gone that's when we want to "put in work". In a lot of instances we are given second chances over and over but who are we to expect others to wait until we are ready to step up and do what's right?? As far as relationships, that person who loves us would really like to believe in us but once they have been let down time after time it's hard for them to put themselves out on the line again. We may so badly want to give/get just ONE MORE CHANCE to prove our/themselves but is it fair to the other person involved?? What makes it even hard is if someone else has stepped up to the plate...if things are flowing natural we should just roll with it. I feel we are so used to chaos that if things are going well we get scared of the good feeling. Yes, they will not always be perfect but it also doesn't mean it isn't right because there is no drama. Whatever is meant to happen will occur whether we like it or not so why not go with what feels good especially if it's something we've asked for...

Love is a powerful force but decisions should not be based on LOVE alone. We need to look at the facts at hand...It's always scary to let go of those people and situations that sometimes serve as security blankets but that may be what's need to step into that next level of Peace...Success and/or True Love

All situations are learning tools. One of my situations have just taught me many valuable lessons! Hmmm decisions...decisions

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