Monday, June 14, 2010

I Love The Smith's: Karate Kid

So yesterday I saw the Karate Kid movie and it was so well put together and Jaden Smith did such a great job!! There were so many lessons for children as well as adults in the movie...I can't tell everything and ruin it for those who haven't seen the film but the most important lesson I got was hard work and good character will always pay off in the end. BUT until you make up your mind that you will work hard, things won't fall into place...Jackie Chan did his thing also and those fight scenes were craaazy! I know everyone put in tons of physical work and it definitely paid off. What makes it even better for the Smith family is the movie brought in $56 million on it's opening day and being as though Will & Jada were the phrase "MONEY IN THE BANK"!!

I've always loved this Smith family, they are definitely my inspiration for my future family. Aside from the Obamas, the Smith's are one of my fave families! After their interview on Oprah I had an even deeper respect for them and the way they choose to raise their children. I never knew this but it all makes sense how they say families should set goals and everyone needs to figure out what they will contribute to the family, community and then the world. If you don't have clear goals then it's easy to get caught up in the craziness of the world. Jada & Will have so much love for one another while still being very hands on with their kids. There are lots of people who comment about them letting Willow cut her hair and dress "crazy" but I think it's kind of cool that they allow their kids to be individuals and express themselves. She spoke on this in an article in "Cookie Magazine". We all get caught up in what others think of us and let the world define what we should and should not be...then we end up trying to live out other people's dreams and become mirror images of what we think is success and end up empty and miserable on the inside.

Karate Kid is definitely a must see and the Smith's are really about to take over!!

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