Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer In the City: Dubelyoo

So I just purchased this hot painting from @dubelyoo (follow him on twitter)...I can't wait for it to come in!! I found this from a retweet from Miya Bailey and as soon as I saw it I had to have it. It immediately took me back to my childhood...I was and somewhat still am a tomboy. I loved being outside in the summer playing basketball, football, racing people, riding bikes EVERYWHERE, water balloon/water gun fights, nigga knockers, endless trips to the ice cream truck and never wanting to come in the house. I just love to be free and have fun, I can find fun anywhere I go. Experiencing anything new is thrilling to me.... Then my love for music is depicted in the boom box and it's ironic because I was just talking about how i wanted to find an ol' skool boom particular reason tho lol Being a kid was so much fun and whenever I want to revisit limitless and free living I think back on those days. Check out more of Dubelyoo's artwork at his site which is linked to his name.

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