Monday, August 30, 2010

Will Smith...

In case you haven't realized it I'm always surfing the net for great inspirational, funny and informative videos. I've come across "Will Smith's Words Of Wisdom" and they were so powerful!! We may not all agree with his views but majority of them make a whole lot of sense...they do to me anyways. I'm in the stages of becoming a better me, I've identified my flaws and I'm proactively focusing on ways to make them better. Flaws are what make us unique but I have to improve on the ones that are holding me back from a better ME. I study people who exude success, whether it be reading books, blogs, watching videos ect. I study my parents moves and actions as well! They are the #1 example I look to. When we want to do better we have to surround ourselves with people who are where we would like to be, people we can learn from, individuals who are smarter than us and who give off positive energy PERIOD.

The saying is true "Your NetWork Determines Your NetWorth"


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