Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I guess it would be "unethical" if I didn't post a Vday blog today...Vday is cool but I definitely feel it's a holiday geared to the economy. Love should be shown everyday not just once a year. Today should be used to show everyone love, not just your significant other but family and friends as well. Sometimes this day can cause turmoil in relationships that aren't as stable as couples think they are. One person gets mad if the couple didn't spend enough money or they are dissatisfied with the "gift" when a gift OR Valentine's day should not make or break the happiness in a REALationship.

The same thought we put in making our loved ones happy today, we should try doing that more doesn't always have to be spent, there will be years where finances aren't good so then how will love be shown?? just enjoy today and reflect on ALL the good in our lives and be sure not to let the superficial take away the true meaning of LOVE!


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