Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My rant to Patience...

Just a snippet of my rant to Patience...I'm trying to get this thing down packed, i see progression but not quite there yet:

"Dear Patience aka Bxtch,

Why are you so hard to obtain?? Why when I think I have you down packed you seem to slip through my fingertips? Why are you always tested when I feel I'm at my best ME?? Why do you make me feel like I’m wasting time with nothing to come in the end?? Why do others without you seem to get all the goods?? Am I making any progress? If so, I sure as hell can’t tell! Can you just show me one sign…a bite sized sign….a huge sign…anything?!"

I'm thinking of submitting this in it's entirety to a magazine because I know we ALL have these thoughts and feelings at some point and time. Just thought I'd share...


  1. wow!!!! so so so true, I think like that often, as soon as i feel I got that thang down, wow!!! here we go again, but what I do know is that with me, it has a fight on its hand because I WON'T give up..... until the next time patience......