Thursday, May 19, 2011

Urban Soul Warrior....

I couldn't wait until I finished this book to tell you all about it! This is an amazing read...i think everyone should get a copy! it will make you think about so much going on within yourself and how it portrays on the outside in our daily lives. It includes mini exercises to help you write out thoughts, fears, wants, etc. When we write things it allows us to accept them...both good and bad. This book helps us to have a non judgmental attitude towards ourselves and others. No one has "flaws" those perceived "flaws" are the very intricacies that makes us different from the next person. We all have things about us that need to be dealt with or nurtured but even our worse "flaws" can open our eyes to the very best qualities about ourselves.

I haven't finished reading just yet but where I've gotten so far I am in awe at the things that I've learned about myself. I've suppressed so many feelings, beliefs and dreams while centering most of my opinions around the "norm". This book will be like a RAW version of a diary! You can get the book on Amazon for dirt cheap so cop you one!!!

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