Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hump Day Motivation!

I wanted to share a few tweets from Freshalina's twitter from last night that were exactly what I needed at that exact moment!  I think I have finally figured out the service that God wants me to give and I was researching schools to improve my skills and get certified.  Of course, my mind got to running and coming up with all of the obstacles of why I could not do it then I "mind checked" lol myself and came up with the positives.  The tweet about not being able to get a job was sooo on point!  I have been applying to jobs for almost 6 years and I have not got a new one or even a damn interview!!  I'm like I know I have what it takes so what's the problem!  Not that I am complaining about my current job because I am definitely blessed but once you feel there is nothing more to learn or even contribute it's time to make a change.  Getting turned down for job after job definitely gets your creative juices flowing and I lost my creative mindset once I got settled into my normal routines and being comfortable for a while.

So I prayed and prayed, revamped resume after resume, applied to jobs in different fields made creative cover letters...the whole 9!  I heard God say create your OWN and get out and give.  I also think about Jay Z who I loveee so much for his business sense and everything else he stands for lol  How no one would sign him so he went out and did his own thing and hasn't looked back since.  Then for a while I was stuck at what I could do that would give back and be fulfilling for myself and afford me a flexible lifestyle.  I see that God did not want me to get stuck in the 9-5 rat race because I know if I was to get a big promotion or a new job it would be even harder for me to walk away and do what I'm really meant to do because of comfort and convenience.  Not to say anything is going to be easy but it's worth it.

Just thought I'd share for anyone who is at a hard spot between their normal routine and going for their dreams, ask any successful person if their road to success was easy and I'm sure you will get a HELL NO!  So go for it and trap up those boots and get ready for the journey :-)

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